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I think if it was earlier on I would have had more pause. What what really worked for me and the entire cast and crew I think is the subject matter prepared us because no one was out there kind of just, you know, checking in and clocking in. I guess is the right phrase, we all had done so much homework in came in so prepared and then. Obviously, we're playing a band, and and that kind of relationship took over the boys, and it it began to influence every other aspect of the set. This was a very very tight Nick group. And we had a absolute legend in Tom Siegel. Who is our? Yeah. Our DP who continued this cohesive vision for the rest of the movie and Graham king and Dennis O'Sullivan. Our producers were there every single day had Brian May, you know to talk to throughout. So when Dexter came on. It was just just continuing what we were doing and had a had a great time with decks because he's obviously such a talented actor in you know, that that was another way of working with with a director who. Communicates from an app perspective of of having been an actor. Yeah. Still is was was something that I found very helpful. So Romney's been an absolute pleasure. Thank you so much. Thank you. My pleasure. Okay. So and that's now talk about the film, which he stars. It is behemoth rhapsody is the long in development bio pic of Freddie, Mercury. And Queen who believe sold a few records are to over the years ought to be making this one. It is this is directed interested enough by Bryan singer. Now, of course, he was fired by FOX, which is if you to go on the production, but he gets full credit despite the Dexter Fletcher came in to finish the film off. So that's oversee in the background in the background. But what do we make the Phil? Well, so it is a very kind of straight head bio-pic. I think you know, there's the flashback from the key concert moments through, Freddie, mercury's life. It's honest. They like walk hard never happened. But I it's a fairly serviceable quick run three, you know, Freddie, Mercury in particular. But Queen is a holes kind of rise to fame as stadium rockers. I don't know where they hair rox stadium. Rock one of these both of those possibly may have invented both. They may have the film is I think that's quite a good job of explaining. You know, what was different about them? What was interesting about them? And how they made themselves standout achieve the levels of success that they it's also really good on their live performances and getting some of the Tristan those across and a lot of that is down to Rummy. Malik fantastic performance. As Freddie Mercury. I think he's he's obsolete. Wonderful. He is the the key weapon in this films selling points..

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