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Cross Blue shield association is an association of independent locally operated Blue Cross Blue shield companies join GD IT and own career of possibilities. Apply now at GD I IT dot com slash careers. GD is an equal opportunity employer. Disability veteran as the warm weather returns subdue mosquitoes, termites and other annoying pests ticket stand. This year with a five star pest control experts at crop Metcalf. Their pest control technicians, have the training and techniques to stop mosquitoes termites or any of pests that might be bucking you and your family. Call one eight hundred crop or visit crop Metcalf dot com for more and remember. With Matt camp home of the five star technician, proud partner of the Washington nationals, actually. Is the place with a twenty nine hundred Kia Optima LX for only one fifty nine a month or least twenty nineteen Sorrento hill X for one ninety nine a month and every new vehicle? Lifetime warranty systems. I got the car I wanted with the loan that fit my budget shop online or visit any will Kia store senatorial brothels, four left office with credit. Call eight six six seven two two seven to one for details. House of representatives just passed a Bill to protect dreamers from deportation. The dream and promise act provides a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants who were brought to our country as children. Congressman will heard did the right thing and photos to protect the dreamers. Colpon graffman heard at two one zero nine two one three one three one and thank him for standing up for the dreamers paid for by forward dot US. Mutual insurance company presents tech minute chat on technology and innovation impacting the lives of Texans. Here's your host. It's data week. So let's talk about some data. That is probably very personal to you. If you're like most people, you may not have a handle on all the digital photos and videos, you've shot and collected for years across cameras smartphones and computers. Experts say there's no easy way to wrangle them all into a searchable organized library. The most important thing is to tackle the task.

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