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You're right there were a bit and then point to it but during that twenty four forty eight hour period including during the game on the broadcast to his it point some of the focus would've been off of the game that on the commissioner yeah but there was this like i don't i don't understand like the commissioner's here patriots fans are matt adam but he's here are they got aware of roger chan anyway but would they get did not acknowledge that a point on the broadcast op heater west rocks perry on the patriots peter your w we yeah guys so i you know i peter did it that you on the back imperative last to mock feel a bit good excellent yeah and bradford your okay i like you to but you know disagree so an example i wanna use of because we're biased of how the patriots you're covered okay of what before the election okay well it check you know but he i know the trump the very divisive figure of course i'm nope look for that he gets peppered the question of the next day he artfully push him aside yeah yeah way don't sex artfully push it was side yeah so the outcome well let's go there travesty it was a travesty but again playing added feet every week you can never get anything out of them so he pushed it aside you did what that was the problem and not you can keep going on peter but that was the problem with that he didn't push to decide he had some awful explanation for it button but i'm saying he got the after that day the move basket well you guys are still yapping about that you know he you've able to go beyond that well you're you you know bill talking about it.

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