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And we know of the snow now be aware of the ice below Chris Mills spothero mobile seven eight eighty s we'll be well. Eighty ninety four brake lights eastbound this is mainly in spots between Indianapolis boulevard and Broadway. Always nice to hear from you on the WBZ Art Van traffic tip line. Call us, and let us know what you see eight five five seven eighty road. Traffic and weather together on the eighth every ten minutes on News Radio seven eighty five point out FM the WBZ AccuWeather forecast. Cold tonight as clouds move out a low of sixteen cold tomorrow under mostly sunny skies with a high of twenty four right now, it's twenty eight in kankakee twenty-seven along the lakefront Twenty-eight at midway. It's cloudy and twenty-seven at O'Hare on Wall Street today. The Dow industrials gained three hundred and fifty four points, the NASDAQ up by one hundred forty two and the s&p five hundred up by about forty-one WBZ news time four twenty. Our top story. This hour is a massive effort to shift gears at General Motors. The automaker says it's preparing for a new world of electric cars and a ton of driving and to do that it plans to cut fourteen thousand jobs close as many as five plants in the US and Canada and dropped six slow selling car models. This man works on an assembly line in the province of Ontario here. Twenty eight years I've been through a closer and Scarborough I've into your closer in London. I moved my family twice for this company. And they do this to me. It's terrible. We'll have much more on this story. Coming up at four thirty one an accident involving eight vehicles on the Ohio. Feeder ramps sent five people to hospitals this afternoon. It happened less than two hours ago among the injured child who's now being treated at Lurie children's hospital. Police say none of the injuries is considered life threatening and WBZ M's. Neil Fiorito reports that the feeder ramp is reopened former Trump campaign foreign policy adviser and Chicago native George popadopoulos reported today to a federal prison camp in Oxford Wisconsin to begin serving a two weeks sentence tied to the Russian interference investigation sentence. Also includes a year of supervised release and community service. Popadopoulos pleaded guilty last year to lying to federal investigators about his interactions with Russian intermediaries during the two thousand sixteen presidential campaign. Buffalo Grove's first ever pride parade next. Spring is going to include a festival of diversity. We are. Absolutely the first parade event in the northwest suburbs. Caroline, Pinto says it didn't take long for the village to get on board with the event. Now the park distric. Says will accompany the parade with a community party. One of the more exciting things that's come out of this is that the park district has jumped on board kick, you festival of diversity that the parade will end pinches twelve year old daughter, Molly came up with the idea after attending Aurora's pride parade last summer the twin groves middle schooler came out as gay last spring. Really really wonderful to see other cities. How creates like this buffalo grove is pride parade. We'll be.

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