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So creepy to hear like. Just terrible. Back. By the way, someone helped very helpful on Twitter said that song that the was the video for Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley that it was that horrible song. You are not alone member you, which is even worse. Awful awful awful song. That's and he really started getting bad. He just he just needed to stop. Listen. He was a creative genius. There's no denying. But some of the songs are terrible that was PYTI, Grayson. He whites. He was so good. This is awful. Offer. He cried she's out of my life. Gets all choked up who was he even thinking about well about she's out of his life. Yeah. There's nobody Lisa Marie Presley gets naked this video naked together in that video. Yes, she was uncomfortable. It's awkward. Comfortable. I was at. We're all uncomfortable for her. The whole. Needs to call her and say, what did you think about documentary? We get her on the show. Let's get her showing ask all the questions because I have so many so many questions all the questions for real. And then we can ask your dad. Yeah. Maybe just like one or two and Priscilla, and like, can we just say, can you? Tell your mom to stop having so much plastic surgery. I mean because. Yikes. All right. That's enough. She looks like a tiger. Tiger. We need to talk about the fact that Kylie Jenner is officially the world's youngest billionaire b b b. This is our world and. They're calling her Forbes magazine is calling her self made, which I we talk. Listen, we've talked about that we talked about this what a couple of months ago. Yeah. We we had prepared ourselves for this moment while because a couple months ago, she was at the nine hundred million dollar, Mark. And so they were saying she'd probably going to become a billionaire pair yourself. And now it's happened. Okay. She's not self made. No, she's not she's knives. Made off of the butt of her sister. Yeah. I mean really off of the, but and then the sex tape that her mother pimped out of her sister. And what's interesting is it Kim is only worth a measly three hundred and fifty million. So Kylie has faster. That's got a chaper backside. You know what I'm saying? It's got a chap it that's got a chap it hard. So mad. Like sibling rivalry, you know, what I mean? Because I think at that point. When you have so much money that you can have whatever you want whenever you want at that point. Do you care? You always do reminds me with the babies there's like a baby with like on top of another baby. And there's a door like ones on on top of a door and the baby's like there can only be one like the two siblings. And I always send that to my sister like on sibling day. Because we just go back. Siblings. Do there's always like that little sibling rivalry thing and these to their their half siblings. Yeah. Have siblings. They're going you know that that the like. Do you think? Caitlyn like Bruce Jenner looks at Kylie his like, I changed my whole gender, even I'm not a billionaire. I mean, what do I have to do? He's he's she Caitlyn's probably like probably like I helped to create you. I helped to create a billionaire. I am your father, well, or whatever. Yeah. Yeah. I just wonder what that whole dynamic is light. It's very close doors Kelly Jenner can't do around laundry. Right. And she she's a mother can we talk about as a billionaire, and she's a billionaire because she can apply makeup. Well, okay. So this is what this is what I thought last night. And then I read the post that one of our writers did about this at six on the right dot com and realize because yesterday I said to you I think it was off air. I said I hate everyone who contributes to this family's wealth turnaround read the post by one of our writers come to find out she buys the lip kits. Yeah. She buys them. Well, because she's a millennial. No know that we sort of are contributing to the wealth. Well, let's think about it. We pay our writer. She uses that money to then go and buy lip kit. Yeah. Yeah. And so then I read they're really great. And then I had this sort of change of heart. Because then I was like all right, listen, it's one thing for Kylie to become rich because she's just famous for being an idiot and she's like famous because of her sisters, but but he's actually creating a good product. Yeah. Then good for her. Yeah. I mean, and then she deserves to capitalize on that. If she's making a good product, then good on her at least something tangible that people can use an have. And our writers love it. It's a widget. It's a widget that she has created and good for her. Like, I like, I actually felt better about her wealth. When I heard that it's actually good product. 'cause I thought you know, if it's just people buying because it's got her name on it. That's that's dumb. But if it's actually really good. Yeah. And I guess you're right. Good for her. Yeah. It's capitalism. That's great. But now. I wonder you know, she's a billionaire is she going to be hated because she's a billionaire like we'll AFC go after her. And that's a good question. It'll be interesting. It'll be interesting to see you know, what she how she becomes politically because she's billionaire now she's in the billionaires club. Yeah. So how is she going to be perceived? She's a woman, and she is a billionaire. So she probably doesn't even know how to spell taxes or billionaire. Right. You know? So it'll be it just I'm very curious to see as she grows and matures, and is now starting to become more popular and more active in social media. She is social media Queen. I mean, people love her, right? I say the millennials they love her. And they looked to these people to see who did they vote for. What do they do? How do they feel about this issue? You know what? I mean. What is what is Kylie going to say about staff? What is Kylie going to say about the fact that she's billionaire now, she's responsibility. Right. She's got pay her fair share a payer fair share. It's gonna it's just it's gonna be fun to watch. What are they gonna do when Kris Jenner is no longer around because you know, she is mama djing that whole enterprise here. Yeah. She's pulling all the strings because there's no way Kylie has any clue how to have that money. Yeah. And there's no way in hell that Kris Jenner. The socialist is Kylie Jenner even twenty like as she even. She's like troubling twenty two. Okay. My gosh. She's a billionaire you guy. Yeah. And she loves being a billionaire. You can't tell me that all these that whole family doesn't love capitalism. They don't love their wealth. And they don't enjoy it. All they're constantly trying to build it. You're right side. Yeah, they like God bless America for real. It's just..

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