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We will have two special guests were you this our first Michael Warner's with us senior research scientist at NASA's Jet Propulsion Laboratory California institute of technology he has been the lead scientist for the Spitzer space telescope since nineteen eighty four will be talking about that Michael I love space and welcome to the program thank you very much you're right hope you can hear me okay yeah we we can't how did you get involved in science you must about a little boy loving space I I got to believe while I was writing science when I was little boy which was a long time ago was in the pre Sputnik days but I sold interested in pursuing science when I went to college and eventually found my way into astronomy well that's fantastic I mean I was involved in the interested in space we're gonna telescope when I was a little kid and everything else tell us about the Spitzer space telescope exactly what is it and why that name Spitzer what's names which are the structures for install stroke George's one of Manson's records for astronomy from space you can think of it as a because what the Hubble Space Telescope like the Hubble Space Telescope the scriptures baseball's coke is named for a famous astronomer over the past in this case a gentleman named Lyman Spitzer who in nineteen forty six photo very forward question to paper about the things that could be done with college coach outside of the administrator he later became a professor at Princeton have an outspoken advocate for space astronomy in particular so the whole street stalls goal how big is the Spitzer telescope like Richard telescope was only eighty five centimeters in size it's about the size of a hoop we do our work in the infrared part of the spectrum adjacent to the visible light the Hubble studies.

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