Senator John Mccain, Victor, Barrack Obama discussed on Monocle 24: Midori House - Edition 1487


It is the we'd thing against trump he does have that peculiar genius for turning his oppositions a strength against them well that's the interesting thing about the trump administration so far is that some at the strongest and most persuasive an opposition has actually come from his own side and much of it from senator john mccain and and so trump is in the rather strange position of facing opposition from a congress which is actually dominated by his party and a bomber for a long time didn't have that luxury which is why he was he we which is why he was using these executive orders um but i'm not sure that i completely agree with victor actually about this i'm not sure how how wise eta is your however prince pulled uh barrack obama may come across i'm not show that it is a good idea to breach the convention that the retired president shouldn't speak out on matters pertaining to his successor and i think it took you know i know that term rich nixon resigned in ah a degree of two disgrace an but it took a very very long time before he as it were reappeared on the public platform an unnamed exclusively to talk about foreign policy and i sort of thing kate would be more in keeping really if barak obama said a little bit less final thoughts on this earth victory there will of course be enormous demonstrations across the united states against this most of which are spurt donald trump on the republican party will ignore but there they will be more because there has been already significant pushback.

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