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This is this is just like this. Is You working through your issues yet? Please do. The group will all hockey oft was. So this is a brilliant thing where lock and far are watching the humans and they watched them they. What's Meet in there? Watch some get drunk. And then it being a gathering of humans, a couple stumble out. And you you can see. You can guess pretty clearly I think from this what they're doing. The two people beneath the tree were making noises famously as though they were quarrelling. In particular fat woman had begun to who like an owl. Look could here to army gasping like a man who fights with an animal and does not think he will win. He, looked down at them, and so that two army was not only lying with the fat woman, but eating her as well. There was black blood running from the lobe of ear. Lock was excited. He reached out and a hand on far, but she had only to. China is of Stone Upon Him, and she was immediately surrounded by that same incomprehensible feeling that worse than or feeling, which he recognized, but could not understand. Excitement again. That's the key. He turned on by turned on in. He doesn't understand previous use of. Yeah, we you know exactly Andrew you said at the start this podcast that if the Harris's were gene Kelly film, it would be brigadier soon, but you were reluctant to reveal wife fear of spoiling the ending, but we're now in the safe zone where we can talk about the ending. Why is why is this like Brigadier? Well I've got teeth as it can I also then talk about why the ending so brilliant as well. I think so yeah, okay, yeah, but I. What Gene Kelly film is, he inherits a spray catoon..

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