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The voice of anyone. They might like in their voicemail bill. Who is chris. Bosh playing fort. Sam pittman of phoenix arizona. Ready for this game more. All right first question. Frederic bastiat is the who invented pringles engineer who came up with a way of manufacturing them and he was so proud of his invention that he did what a he named his two sons sour cream and jive or be. He grew a mustache exactly like the one in that guy in the logo or see he had himself buried in a pringles. Can oh man. Well we're gonna learn about pringles history which is amazing. I guess Some technically all right. Okay it is. It is consume the products. That sounds like something. If it were me. I would definitely ask my boys to bear me. Wrinkles can sadly right. The love of incident emotional insight. You showed was very impressive. That's exactly right. That's what he asked for He was cremated and his ashes. Interred in a pringles gonna real one that his sons went out they thought and that has to be that has to be original flavor so the ate the potato chips and then use the can very good. That is amazing now. Pringles are popular because they're so easy to eat but another snack company is trying to outdo them. What is this new kind of potato chips. A one hand chips which come pre crushed so you can just essentially drink them out of the bag be. I've chips potatoes in a saline solution you just inject directly into your bloodstream. Or see aerosol chips which you spray in front of your face and then inhale. This is real. This is real one of those real. Oh my god. This is man is getting innovative. I'm gonna go with the i mean. Sounds like a aerosol thing the aerosol things the the chip in your that is a good idea if anybody out there wants to buy it from us but no the one hand chips you know. How like you finish a bag of potato chips and there's this crumbs down there he's just tip it up. Just drink down those last year. Imagine the entire bag like that. That is the innovation amazing. I wouldn't you know that's great. All right one last question you get this right you win at all. Pringles are popular all over the world. If you're in the right place at the right time you can try. Which of these real pringles flavors would which of these is A blueberry and hazelnut. Be white chocolate peppermint or see nightclub. Oh come man. I thought she was going to give you something. Good man all this. No disrespect a terrible flavor. What is nightingale tastes like. What is it not not nightingale nightclub night club flavor. That's the flavor. I'm have to nightclub. The answer is nightclub as.

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