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Go for all their stories it a great stuff vince i need you to walk us through because one of your guys one of your investigative reporters broke this pakistani suspects in house i t probe receive four million from down the raps what you tell me what is this story because i even i was reading is like well how does this happen and what is going on well first off at them thank you for mentioned rose yeah cruz from just come and the work at the pilic or news foundation and the mets occasion and written some gotten story already on the circuit and all of them are neatly found at the bottom each piece if we don't win for you know the but the caught the core concept of that yeah mclemore all sort of hire but i think am wait literally family of there's and then it i kiko turner officers and that any back then it all all of their you know and you're not you for start for the and they're now i'm hurt that family owner criminal investigation by capital please impart well moving the part where from the capital that they shouldn't have and and it's extension all of them aquatic if the hurt the it although i'm david painter over four million dollars fluke december which it is you know what i mean and so there's also put the old including information gone are filling especially among democrats the fact that baker bit these people or accepted up from a ten and that now the kind on best it's i think there's a lot more to be developed there look of course is finally get very closely and we can if they weren't at home but the play action by shutting out there and you know and you got but that then the giving up the ass work inside the democrat only on the in the us how to representatives they had an entire family of guys that they were current who we're capable weren't you're going to mason in a way that it now cobb him in couple to the point that there aren't a criminal investigation this was seem to be a much more interesting an important story to me and i would think to anybody then say mike pence's email getting finished and they're being the exposure of that email about a rogue score all up in the capital.

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