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So if you want to kind of maintain that branding you an, you want to make sure that the kids know that. Are the ones keeping him the shoes, not the other way around or whatever it may be. You'RE GONNA WANNA make sure that he's never wearing any brands You know taken away any life from the the free stripes and that would include your because you know the Internet. Would obviously break if we saw Connie Jordan's again right look what happened when people saw Tyler the creator wearing Patriot will once that backboards back into Fuca? Maybe a couple of years ago solange boy crazy tat, right? So, imagine what happened with about thousand interesting one then nonetheless. I've gone through the same experience either going and my show time looking at Nike I'd s you know where you wear those brands competively and I, think that's probably the best place to be. For in a position I'm in now where just buy stuff that I like without specify flint no I'm I'm kind of at an exclusive partnership or I'm not married to them incident. So way makes it a lot more easier honestly those days back in the day we night to Kinda think about walls wherein before I left home run if my house and make shot pumping certain Dhankuta an area and not seeing these shoes noblet stuff down wearing online and just so complete hassle that don't need to have in my opinion anyway. That was that one that the D. next on the list. We have a pretty funny video. About some illegal raves in London. Who Play? Guess I guess these things have been happening anyway for a while and I've just not been aware of them during Covid I'm sure that been a whole bevy of festivals and pies happening all over the place stab just nowhere of because I've just been keeping my head down You know why I can do at home and keep it nice and safe. But I'm not surprised that there are kids out there who are just like you know what I'm not because I think if I was if I was younger followed maybe ten years five years younger and I was I was living with my parents and I just. Couldn't handle it anymore doing or my lecture on Skype in having to. facetime my friends every day I. Let you drive me nuts and would have to go out and Seek some kind of pleasure that didn't. Contain me having to sit in my room day on my own that's not a vibe. So I think I would have thought to think this Asia now being an adult being grown up with Martin responsibilities I just can't take that risk and they'll something now willing to do much of a going I feel safe second really good enjoy myself but understand that they are happening and No matter how many? Fines, the government puts in place in terms of of curtailing these parties making people not do them and stuff. It's not having any effect. The kids still going on it's making me think I wonder if there's some think. In us, innately as humans that just makes us want to gather in place especially during really bleak time because it seems like everyone's kind of drawn these parties like a wasp is to light right? They just con- help themselves right? It's just just the magnificent that they have..

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