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You guys nobody has set alarm did better at all looking rolex now mile alarm i end like my alarm said my my phone was say people in the mall me but he was a was one hundred percent serious ya and um there is there is an authenticity to jim that i just think is i think it's great and having a resonates with people absolutely vehement were with him that's that's really what it comes his everyone come of jokes about jim harbaugh because he so intense but if you sit with him you're like data's israel as it gets that is absolutely as real as it gets and i say within the budget times and to me you know you hear me target earlier about speaking my own voice have heat the he is true to who he is and that's who he's going to be and nobody's going to change him and some people love it some people hated some people can only you know tolerated for a little while but he is who exactly who is it just dawned on me that you've only coach would bills in gems hey at strilly my we'll have yards added can't get out of the get some kind of fatty acids away album at did have a ted ono ted marchibroda i so ted was at first and then he had only bills have you ever i bill ted bill bill and ted's excellent their hair have you ever coached a matt at quarterback because that might be the problem that might be y things didn't go swell near cleveland 'cause you have to have a matt yeah what about a tom too will yet thompson are that was unharmed in a man in there's more when it i would have a peyton finger bira argument are you a lot of names i i wouldn't mind a quarterback are you shocked the tom brady's still playing at this level as you know as old as he is not no the the the thing i love about tom as everybody knows him now is tom brady and he's married to giselle and he's got the big house and all success tom's first year in new england the he was a cabinet god he had to develop.

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