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There's a limit. There's a limit, man. These are natural one 68 and one 75 pounders. This is a 5 foot 8. Stocky explosive, great Mexican, but there's limits, man. There's limits. It would have better be of Smith would be, that's the limit. And that's a tough fight. And look, I'd rather, I'd rather him face go to Cruiserweight and face elanga junior, macabre than a Joe Smith junior or a better be of type winner because those are some legitimate one 75 pound monsters and it only takes one punch and both of them can crack. Both of them are the two of the biggest punchers in boxing. They don't need to hit you cleanly. They can hit you with half of this. And they're going to rock you like you've never been rocked before. That's the scary part about going up in weight that it only takes half a punch. They don't have to hit you clean. The idea that Canelo was ducking anybody is absurd. Just utterly absurd. And these guys can prove that they rubbish. They are worthy of the opportunity by finding each other simple as that. All right, let's talk about this weekend. On Friday, José Ramírez returns his last fight was in May of 2021 against Josh Taylor lost a close decision in a battle for the undisputed 140 pound championship on Friday. He returns, he's in Fresno, his home area, and he takes on a tough opponent in Jose pedraza a couple things here, Sergio. I was surprised that Ramirez stayed at one 40. Like he's kind of a big guy for a 140 pounds, sturdy stocky. I got a stocky, but well built for that weight. He stays at one 40 because he wants to get his titles back. And he's coming back against pedraza, who is not, this is not a give me fight. Jose pedraza is want to think three, four fights in a row since his loss to Jose zapata. He has been in with vasili lomachenko. He lost by knockout to javonte Davis, but he's faced tough competition. I'm a little concerned about Ramirez in this fight. Ramirez is surprisingly a big guy when he fought Maurice hooker and I sized them up. He's 5 foot ten. You know, and he's a big one 40 pounder. I think if he goes back down, he can pick up those straps again. He can be a force at one 40. One 47 can wait, there's still big money at one 40. Look at teal female Lopez. That would be a big fight. Huge fight if he can fight him. I mean, he can get a rematch with Taylor. I mean, that would be a big fight. But you don't think like Regis program, right? But you don't think that I'd love to see another fight with program. But I'll fight with progress. Teofimo, after he lost, was like, man, I shouldn't have stayed at one 35. Josh Taylor after he lost was kind of like, man, I probably shouldn't have stayed at one 40..

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