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Pants today's technology makes a lot of things easier simply because everything is connected your cell phone connected to your tablet tablet connected to your laptop and then they're all connected to your wifi but it may only take one weak link for criminals to get in that's why LifeLock identity theft protection added the power of Norton security while LifeLock use a proprietary technology to detect possible threats your identity like info for sale in a dark web Norton security helps protect up to five of your devices from online threats like ransomware and if there's a problem there dedicated ages for work to fix it now of course no one can prevent all identity theft or cyber crime or monitor all transactions that all businesses but LifeLock with Norton gives you more protection for today's connected world so act now and for a limited time get thirty. percent off your first year with the promo code LifeLock call one eight hundred LifeLock or go to LifeLock dot com use a promo code LifeLock that'll save you thirty percent offer expires October six so don't wait join now at LifeLock dot com serve pro painters maintaining this fall easy and quick they have more availability which means you can have your home professionally painted much quicker love the indoors again by giving your home a fresh and cozy look this fall with the new coat of paint during the fall the family is moving back indoors so get excited about cozy nights inside with a new look from sort of pro painters Sir pro painters painted my house and they did such a great job and they were so easy to work with I schedule appointment online they came to the house give me an estimate it was a great price they did a really high quality work and their service who was fantastic you can schedule your free estimate online and sort of pro dot com that Sir with the C. pro dot com or call eight hundred go certa eight sort of pro painters business is independently owned and operated right here in our community so call them at eight hundred go certa or visit served up pro dot com Sir pro painters we do painting you do life contractor license number eight nine zero five two nine. keys John King Katie this is his show.

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