America discussed on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah: Ears Edition


Damn sexy for many people. Twenty twenty was the most challenging year of their lives. It brought a whole new range of experiences and emotions. People were scared. They were sad they were scattered. That's when you're so sad it scares you stuck at home for most of the year had another even stronger effect on people. They were forty as hell in march. Who had a historic spike in worldwide traffic and onlyfans a site that allows subscribers to directly message and pay their favorite performers is getting around two hundred thousand new users per day. Not everyone was baking bread during the pandemic. Some people were needing their own though were so thirsty for online porn. That even your grandma finally memorize the wifi password. And she can't even remember your name but you can only watch so many pizzas getting delivered by the pool boy to step mom who's also a cheerleader. Some people were so twenty twenty. They crossed the forbidden line. Getting lucky in lockdown match dot com put out their annual singles in america survey. Get this shows that one. In four americans turn toward their roommate for intimacy and sex during the pandemic. Wow those people must have been really lonely. Not because they were boning there remains. Because we're were filling out a survey on match dot com. I don't care how desperate i get. I will never stoop that low to.

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