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The Reds today traded outfielder Mark Patton to the Mets in exchange for cash and sent right handed pitcher Michael Feliz on a rehab assignment to Triple A Louisville. Tonight's promotion, a pair of Red Sox The 1st 15,000 fans and from the Reds vault on this day, July 24th 2016 Ken Griffey Jr is inducted into the National Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York, junior generated 210 home runs in 602 R B. I's and was a three time All Star in nine seasons with the Reds. And Joey Votto with three hits and two R B I s last night moved into fourth place on the Reds career R B I list with 1010 passing the immortal Frank Robinson. Johnny bench, Tony Perez and Pete Rose stand 123. Now we have baseball tonight. A great American ballpark. Reds Cardinals in the second game of a key NL Central Division three game series seven 11th pitch and how refreshing Was last night 65 victory for the Reds. Very They appear dead and ready to be buried in the top of the seventh inning. Their toes were neatly ticketed in the G A. B P morgue, trailing 5 to 3 with runners on 1st and 2nd base, no outs in the two and account on the swashbuckling Harrison Bader. Who had already homered in the second inning, but Tony Santy on came to the rescue to clean up the mess provided by RJ Alanis Santillan's struck out baiter. Struck out Tommy Edmund and then coached the line drive third out by Andrew Kisner. Santillan's Houdini Act didn't just rejuvenate the Reds. It resurrected him. Cincinnati scored two runs in the eighth to tie it on a U Haniya Suarez is R B I double and Ryan Hell's Lease Wild pitch that score Joey Votto and then read. Score a run in the eight to win it on Tyler Stevenson Sac Fly that plated Kyle Farmer Farmer ripped a leadoff single hit three. His three hits of the night. And took second on pitcher Giovanni Guy A goes throwing air to second base on Tucker Barnhart grounder to the Mount. Jesse Winker walked with one out to load the bases, setting the stage for Stephen since heroics. And the Reds win when Heath Hembree strikes out the side in the ninth inning, sending the faithful home happy we after another awesome fireworks show by Razzies To think that just a week ago Friday night, the heart and soul of the Reds Nick Castano's exits with a micro fracture of his right wrist on a pitch from the Brewers, Adrian Hauser. The question. Can the Reds win without Nick the stick? They scratched out one victory over the Mets and then came off the mat again last night. The hope is what happened last night gives them confidence that they can win with Nick Castellanos on the sidelines. How about the craziness in the fourth inning? Unbelievable. Uh, something we've never seen before. Home plate umpire CB Buckner and his crew lost the balls and strikes count. Tyler Neck when opened the inning with a walk. But hold on there. ST. Louis manager Mike she'll challenged pumps put on their headsets. Turns out nay Quinn was sent back to the plate with a three and two counts. And eventually grounded out. Memo to CB Buckner. If you don't know the count, How about asking your mates don't rely on the scoreboard because the scoreboard was wrong. We're just getting started here on the RL carriers inside pitch. Arnell carriers has immediate job opportunities nationwide driver's freight handlers, mechanics, clerical and more. Visit our l c dot com for more information. Getting you ready for the relentless reds against those nasty rowdy red birds on 700 wlw. We're going to have Charlie Gold Smith of the Cincinnati Enquirer, join us..

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