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The cap. Or they could trade him or release him outright. So if Brady wants to say, end his career, where it started if he wants to go back to San Francisco, play for the forty-niners who probably only have Trey Lance and what have you, whatever else next year, maybe they think Trey Lance needs another year and Brady sees that team as a Super Bowl contender just a quarterback away, which he probably did a couple years ago and wanting to go there. Then that's sort of the move that you make. Could that happen? Yes. Do I think it's probable? No. But you never know. Yeah, I think he's done. Jump to somebody who is done in New England. At least for now. You never know what the future holds. But Josh McDaniels, Dave ziegler, both going to the Raiders, Greg, just kind of your thoughts on the impact this could have on Mac Jones first. Yeah, Nick, I think a lot depends on what they do to who they bring in to replace Joshua. Is it Bill O'Brien, Greg? I think he's the leader in the House, the overwhelming favorite. And I think that's the best scenario for everybody. You know, you get Bill O'Brien and they already have a quarterback coach there Beau hargey. I don't know how they feel about him. There are a bunch of patriots, former patriots assistants sort of in the ether like Jerry siblings, was the former quarterbacks coach was on Joe judge's staff. There's George godsey who was on Brian Flores as Miami staff, chatto is still, I think he's a passing game coordinator for the browns. There's a bunch of guys still around. But to me, in my mind, Bill O'Brien is clearly the top choice to replace Josh McDaniels. It makes things a lot easier. He has a relationship with Mac Jones, Mac helped teach him the Alabama offense before Mac went to the Patriots. Last off season. So I think that's great. I think bill's great with young quarterbacks, you know, look at his work with deshaun Watson. It was not exactly a patriots type quarterback. He certainly made that work in Houston. He won a lot of games with a lot of mediocre quarterbacks in Houston, made the playoffs four times with guys like Brian Hoyer and case Keenum and other guys like that. So I think the world of Bill O'Brien if he comes on, that's a Grand Slam for the Patriots. I think it's the best case scenario for them. And then, you know, also, we just got a bulletin. Yeah, Joe Brady's going to be the new quarterback coach for the Panthers. So he takes the place of Ken Dorsey. So yeah, so you know the other thing is, you know, Dave ziegler. To me, that's the bigger piece of the puzzle right there, because Dave ziegler was a guy who had been in the system, stepped up, they retained him when he was interviewing with the Broncos a year ago, stepped up to retain him. And, you know, we saw the impact that he had on the first draft, you know, and also free agency..

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