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Some spectacular big fly thank you Stuart eight runs in that third inning home runs right Jason Castro and then the Matthysse and pinch runner goes over to first base Joe we Kerr let them thanks is finished for the day a good day for Matthysse would you have spectacular home run you're a young guy trying to make a name for yourself that's a good day Luiz ring the phone takes ball one from wolf it comes and that's way outside of time to another account so Pablo Sandoval the giants clubhouse before the game he was so excited to have been able to play already he said you know I'm three months ahead of schedule use the to another page high and tight global food feels great to be working hard and we were talking about his badge he was trucking distance of that company representatives and what not there's a time out taken out by the catcher Brantley goes out for a a moment to chat with wolf was having a hard time find the strike zone now.

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