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Mcgwire's greater portland's wlob our one hundred point dean of lorde cillian murphy vaults singing the blues after last night yeah well the tar heel be them came back from behind i will woo and soon it was a of a thing of beauty absolute thing of beauty now we were at the north carolina ute game last year chapel hill in the north carolina almost lost that one to you to a good photo by way of you in the boy oh thank you very much and i hope that i was trying to get on the jumbotron but it didn't get out until after the game because the reception inside thompson bowling arena was obama i get so many people trying to tax so uh and we don't get on the job i figured they wouldn't put tar heel fans on the jumbotron you wait now which is kind of weird because you i got three kids they all when the uta but we all cheer for carolina hey guess stick with elm team blood's thicker than water guess but what does that mean anyway let's go back to the phones shall we won a that's one eight hundred six one eight phil that's one eight hundred six one eight.

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