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Talking to you from the studio. My name is Brian down. I'm sitting across from my best friend in the entire universe. Mr James Oates. He's here and present in the flesh. I'm hearing brother. I'm live. Stay six feet away from me, buddy. I feel very electrified. Be electrical and say that I was going to say that when we did our electoral college show, But I didn't get to say that. Some say it now electrify. Yes. Electoral College folks, It's that time again. Dust off your election shoes. Get on your nice red suit because our vocabulary will become inundated with strange concepts like electoral college contingent election? Yes. At least we're not gonna have to worry about a hanging chads, Amy said. Bush versus Gore. We remember that 10 my goodness. So, folks, we may be headed for just a wonderful bit. Of drama in November, January 20th 2 And this is the circumstance that I want to talk about you guys today and this is not just idle fighters Fireside chat. This is not just something that is hypothetical. A lot of people are talking about this. Not just a conspiracy. What is going to happen if During the election. It's a narrow victory for Joe Biden. The Electoral college shakes out with very few votes in between, as it often does. And on that next day in the morning rather than concede. We see a barrage of tweets from our President. Im not going fraud, not going. Five million illegal immigrants voted This is broad. I will not go fraud fraud. Now we've all had that experience, folks where you let your friends stay on your couch for a few days. And then It's kind of time for him to go, and he's not going right. He's just kind of the man. I'm gonna call the cops. You have to get out of here. I mean, it wasn't wonder. Come on. We should get out head back. The person should get the hint. But they're just and you come home and there's they're just on your couch. What's going to happen if Mr Trump who we love because he's provided incredible amounts of material. My gosh, for for any any person. What's gonna happen if you just doesn't go? If there is no concession. Um And we've really kind of kind of play that out because, folks, a lot of people are talking about this. But they don't have Mr Jem Oats, huh? They don't have gym outs. So, Jim, I want you to break it down for our listeners the same way you just broke it down to me. There's a whole lot of scenarios, folks, but really, we're going toe really a lot of different ways. It could go down, right? Yeah, but we're going to actually kind of talk about some of the most likely ones because folks, this is not a hypothetical conversation. This is actually something that could seriously happen. Because There are so many variables that go into what makes the president the president. It's not just the electoral college. It's all the issues regarding eyes. Everyone's vote being counted. You have the mail in situation. Oh, yeah, you have s O many moving parts here. And is that person going to accept it? If you're Donald Trump? I've never seen him admit any form of law. Never seen him. That mad daily. I have never seen him say I'm sorry, right? He has never admitted anything. What he conceived that No, he might not win. I mean, that's really the thing, isn't it? It's this sort of president that he set for himself. We watch him all the time. We see the tweets he makes. He's threatened about this. He said it last year. We had a tweet last year, basically where he said, What if the people just want me to stay? And there's a tradition at folks that you may not know about. But this is something that I've always found really interesting. The outgoing president always leaves a note for the incoming president. Yes, and one of the most heartwarming notes ever was left by George W. Bush. Senior rest his soul. I always felt he was a good man. Yes, yes, and he left it for Clinton. And it was really just straight from the heart, right? You know, American do American, exactly the peaceful transition of power. But it was so dignified. Yes, and it was so gentlemanly and it was so honorable And, you know, all of these terms have just vanished from our consciousness as it relates to residents anymore. But anyway, brother Jim Bro Breakdown. Some scenarios, please. Well, I mean, the most likely realistic scenario is that we get a couple of swing states right, like, say, a Pennsylvania or Michigan, right? The electoral votes extremely close, right? But it's a win for Biden. And let's say it's decided maybe a Pennsylvania or Michigan by you've got a Ford in there somehow. I don't know if we're going to have this discussion without Ford because it goes back to the Bush. I'm sorry, brother. Great people. Let's just just take one of those boys. They just take any one of those states. Right pencil, your florid anybody. And let's say it's my 5000 volts. Yeah, maybe $10,000 not 537 months. It was clear. These are less than a percentage point by far, but this is a really close, right is a really close, right. Let's just say that's what it comes down to a sort of the popular vote in those states. And then Biden winds right. He's won the electoral and maybe he's even won the popular vote. But let's just say that Trump decides that he's going to tweet that night. Hey, You know what? That's fraud Tweet anyway, here one way or another. There's gonna be a lot of capital letters coming through the You know this game one way or another. It's going to be a lot of tweeting right now. One way or another. We know even after that is probably gonna go after whoever it is I like but But so I mean, think about it like this. Let's say that he just tweets out, he says. You know what? All of those poles they should've those polling stations actually closed by nine o'clock or terror if they stayed open till 2 a.m. And so that's fraud. Okay, Probably. Now you got Sean Hannity comes on. You got Rush Limbaugh come on, and they say it's fraud. What happens then? Well, his attorneys get involved, and they basically go to court and they say we don't believe it. But this is this is something that our country has been through. And the thing is, there's always been a reason that had something to do with how the election happened. Not so much the ethos of who was in charge. You can almost bet.

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