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Go out and buy win or maxed. I introduced safi. South mccalla is an extraordinary person. I had the great pleasure speaking with his mother earlier this evening if you are the son of a legendary astrophysicists and legendary theoretical physicists. What do you do. it's obvious isn't it. You graduate sumo laude from harvard. Get a phd in physics at stanford and then you say well. Maybe i need to do something different. So you take a job advising companies at mckinsey which of course inspires you to start a company of your own. A revolutionary biotech firm aiming to cure cancer and then to cap it off. You write a book about the intersection of physics history and business. It's called loon shots. How to nurture the crazy ideas that win wars cure diseases and transform industries. One person described it as the davinci code meets freakonomics. It's a brilliant book about how you can use the simple laws of physics to provoke creative breakthroughs and it's a wonderful treat to listen to sock conversation with dan. Maybe even do it. I did close your eyes and pretend that once again you're sitting shoulder to shoulder with a bunch of strangers learning something new all. Enjoy the conversation tonight. So further ado dan. Thank and south. Maybe you've got a car to sell or maybe you're looking to trade in or maybe you're lying about a to a. I'm wondering what your car is worth. Well wonder no more. Just grab your phone and heads a car. Backs dot com. Answer a few simple questions and in two minutes or less. Can you believe that you'll get an offer for your car. That's good for seven days. 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I lost so it's all hearing back seats so it's great to be here. Thank you for all of you. Support the next big idea club just to echo said we do. Have this world where you feel like. The culture has coarsened where people don't have conversations discriminate where people aren't actually concerned about ideas but their concerns merely about confirming their own existing biases and in some ways in many ways. Next big idea claw is a direct. I think there are potent antidote to that. I think is one reason why it's grown so fast so it's really it's a delight to be part of it. In the reason it's a delight to be part of it is to get an early look at some extraordinary books including the book. We're going to talk about tonight. It is call lou jots by this guy now. I always think it's interesting to start with people's backstory because gave us a hint savvy. But where did you grow up. I grew up in jersey princeton. The mean streets of princeton new jersey. Ask a very rough gang so you so tell us about your mother and your father and and if you can like what's it like growing up with two parents. Who are physicists. Recognize your mother is here so be polite. Act should just stop by saying that. Every now. And then. When i get these kind of glorifying introductions i say gosh. I wish my mother was in the audience. I hope you believe even ten percent of that stuff so far also i should say it may be the first time i've ever been introduced preceded by a story on colonoscopy so thanks visual which will no longer accept to both of us. What was it like growing up. This is serious question because it like you like you like. You came to write this book at home where he wrote this book. Twelve thirty nine late forties. Yeah so you can't say a whole history of your life until you got going to hear a little bit about it. So what were you like his kid. What were you interested in. I think back at sounds dramatic and glorious to astrophysicists parents but a lot of the times like what. What's for dinner. Is hokey havener. Who's gonna open. Who's going to fix the vcr for those people. Remember what that was. But i think what it did. In the benefit of the excitement of that is we had a family of asking questions. So when you're a scientist you really focus on asking interesting questions. And that that stayed with me my whole life and that kind of drove a lot of things in my life and changes that i made in my life and how i think about what i wanna do. Next is curiosity. Do you have to come to the dinner table arm with a question. Mom is that right now. It wasn't like ebay. Just you see that around you. They're always like oh here's something in the world like when you're to turn into therapy sessions. Maybe a little bit. Sanford coming here. Did you have a sense of what your parents did like when you were when you were a kid. Did you like physicists. Did now no clue now. But you know we'd be driving. I'd be driving along with my dad. And i in down the street and you'd see this shimmer and thing that looks like a lake driving asphalt and incentives. Just ignoring. he'd be like well. Why do you think that why does it look like and we talk about refraction that just creates. I'm sure that happened to that's cool. I think that's interesting but you ended up studying physics in college. I did and you know. Part of that. Curiosity thing is that you are just you see stuff in the world. Why is the sky blue. I mean that's sort of classic you start looking around. Why is water wet. He's just start asking why the world is the way that it is and you just keep going and so you went even further and physics to get a. And what was the impetus behind that. Just like more questions. Yeah it's it's just. You're just teasing in undergraduate science. Just learning some of the basics of the basic rules the basic language inserted like writing. You learn some basic techniques of writing but that's very different than producing a book jersey go to graduate school learn. Okay done all the elementary rules. Now how do we figure out something new about the world. Now it just interesting but you chose not to pursue that path.

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