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You simply spit into the two provided in your Twenty-three. Meet kit kitten. Mail your saliva back. I did that. All right. Let's tell people what they really want here lies me and I'm going to tell you what we did here. All right, you ready for this. Let's hear it. I am ninety three percent European Jew. Nice western in central Europe, Mike, seven percent like Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, and Moravian western Ukraine. Moldova eastern Romania, maybe maybe Romania and that we're Transylvania's Romania is that another country I, it doesn't matter. It was just really neat to see. You know where I sorta come. I'm from dude. I think everybody wants to know where they come from. Where do you come from? Rob, I'm polish. Have you done Twenty-three in me, I have a kit sitting at home that I have not done it in the son of a bitch, and let's get going bud other talk about it next time. Twenty three and me offer so many different reports, rob the bitter taste report, you know anything about that. I don't and sweet and salty reports they can. DNA can play a role in determining your food preferences. Sleep reports, the deep sleep report tells you if you're more likely to be an especially deep sleeper, saturated, fat, and wait reporters, just so much lactose intolerance. I should have read this because I am lactose intolerant. I mean, there's just so much in twenty three meet told you. Yeah. Well, you can order your Twenty-three in me health and ancestry service kit at twenty three and me dot com slash I. Oh, you. That's the number two, three and me dot com..

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