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Play responsibly the game of life is trademark of Hasbro. One 28. We have traffic and weather on the 8s back to Rita Kessler in the traffic center. Well, right now, if you're on the beltway, we still have the delays in both directions headed toward Georgetown pike. You're gonna find the inner loop delays are off the toll road headed to Georgetown pike outer loop delays before river road. Headed to Georgetown pike the work set up in the left lane. Now the delay on the inner loop that was near the legion bridge toward river road disease, so that mobile crew should have moved on. We do still have the working Great Falls on Georgetown pike. That's between walker road and springville road, your alternating to get around there, so that's causing quite the delay, but it also looks like westbound Georgetown pike the ramp to the inner loop, the crash is cleared and the lanes are open. We do have the delay coming from westbound 66 onto the dulles connector road headed toward one 23. This is work in the left lane. Callers reporting a crash westbound on duke street underneath telegraph road just one left lane is getting you by. Northbound 95 is heavy from route one and spotsylvania headed past 17 the work in the right lane than the delay before 6 30 in Stafford to 6 ten garrisonville road watch for work there taking a lane, but after that it looks good in Springfield, southbound three 95 is slow from duke street headed toward edsel road keep an eye out for any work that may have shown up there in the district of east D.C. two 95 northbound heavy from the 11th street bridge past Pennsylvania avenue. Southbound slows from Ben rode past these capital street on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, the delay northbound is out of greenbelt, headed toward powder mill road. Silver 9 is ready to play ball after 33 years silver diner is now in D.C. across from Nats park. Silver diner brings its healthy and its classic menu options to the navy yard neighborhood, eat well do well. I'm Rita Kessler WTO traffic. The latest word on the weather for Mike stenner. Partly sunny to mostly sunny skies this afternoon is going to be blustery and rather chilly, our high speed 40s to lower 50s. Tonight,

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