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Continuing our program this morning today grab show and we are going to be talking about the holidays. And how women take on an awful lot of the burdens and chores and responsibilities really for keeping the holidays running smoothly in our families and it really is quite something I did. I decided to get into this because I saw an article. Recent recently. Why a writer named Hartley who was talking about emotional labor and the Emotional Labor is actually sort of taking on the responsibility for a A wide variety of thinking about chores never mind the chores I mean people have done studies forever about how women do a a lot of the housework and cooking and the childcare etcetera etcetera but emotional labor actually use the planning for all of that and the thinking about it and the the The time it takes actually to make the LS before you actually go out and buy the stuff on the list for instance just for one of myriad examples and around the holidays this. This seems to be the time of year when a lot of these issues are are very much stepped up shall we say and I I have a an expert on and How this plays out in the retail sector? And that would be Cathy Murphy and she is The proprietor of the street reporting right here in Waterbury our good friend and neighbor just down the street from the WD EVI studios. And she is of a Willis this this morning in the studio good morning. Kathy headlining and there's no better friend to US than WD said. Thank you dave. While I'm glad to have you here I think I think you came in last year. Just to talk to us about the the Generals Zeno the retail season in and the big black Friday etcetera season. Here that we get into this time of year this year I decided to. I saw this article agenda Hartley's piece on emotional labor and it struck me that boy you know it really is true when you look around and in fact I was talking to a good friend and colleague last week I said did you know. Sort of jokingly asked him I said have you done all of your Christmas shopping and he said you know my wife said to me. Well you only have to buy you only have to buy one thing meaning for her. And it's a sure as he goes out and she does all the shopping for the rest of the family and I said I kind of went Ding. That's topic for. Shell L. Right so cathy. Thank you so much for joining me this morning. Appreciate your stopping by. Thanks for having me and I believe we do have on the phone with us. Also Lisa Lisa Senegal. She is the chair of the Vermont Commission on Women. Is that right Lisa right here excellent. I'm glad we were able to connect with you this morning. It's been quite an adventure just to do that. So we talk about those details at some other juncture but Lisa I I wanted to. I wanted to start with you I think I sent you a link. Do this article last week about emotional labor. Did you have a chance to look at that at all I did and I. It's you know you won't be surprised that it's a topic of conversation. Tation both within the the commission and among women on a pretty regular basis yeah and and and I mean it was a tough article for me to read. Just because is I'm sort of thinking about how this kind of stuff played out in my own life and so on and so forth. I think it really did raise some crucial issues about You know as as I say I don't know if you've heard the the little intro but It was talking about how there's been a lot of studies you know in books and so on their remember there was a book called the second shift that was probably twenty years his old. Now we were Talking about how women in you know you have doubt sort of households which many times both spouses are working fulltime. I'm and they're trying to run a household also And and but a lot of that work of running the household of just doing the chores the laundry childcare the cooking king of cleaning etc tend to tend to fall to two women. Still you know. As if these old traditional roles have not gone away completely really not transitions to equal sharing by men and women but this article really focused beyond that on the sort of thinking about the stuff the the the actual you know. How do you? It's not just a matter of cleaning the closet but it's actually Figuring out where stuff is GonNa go when you do clean the closet in and that sort of thing Is this in your estimation. Do you hear more about this. This time of year with the holiday all the holiday shopping preparations incarcerating going on. Oh yeah absolutely it's You know there's so many different elements to it. You Know Women Still L. ended up taking on the bulk of responsibility for not just caring for children and all that goes along with that but women who are in the sandwich generation integration are also taking care of elderly parents and their relatives and that becomes even more important and a responsibility to make sure that that the holidays remain special For those folks but it creates creates a tremendous additional burden When you're already taking on all all the extra cooking and cleaning and Holiday parties and yes the cards. But you know all the increase stuff that happens Especially in elementary age. Children's James Lives and you know they're having school parties. They're having you know extra gatherings you've got the extra gatherings for for adults. Ah Commitments that you have both both just social and additional work and I know I have you know the parties. These are wonderful but board commitments. That you end up having layered onto that. So yeah it's it's a lot of extra Worked for women during the holiday season that unfortunately not only raises stress levels for women this time of year but it also so suck some of the joy out of the holidays and that has you know I I think all of us if we take a step back and think about our childhood the things that we've remember the time that we spent with family and friends and if that time ended up being marred with Parents particularly MOMS being incredibly stressed out that has a negative impact on the holidays just overall. It's just less less fun for everyone. If you're you're being frayed to the point that they know you're are not enjoying it and it it's creating stress within the family all that peace and joy stuff kind of starts to diminish somewhat. It does that that is that is too bad and and We're GONNA be going shortly to avert any our breakfast and CBS News. But I wanNA talk afterward about maybe see what you might suggest for that men would would want to think about doing to help spread the spread the work and then you know by by extension spread the joy joy because You know this is supposed to be time for sharing and carrying this time of year Ca Cathy Murphy We were talking last week when I was recruiting you to come on the show today. And you're telling me that about seventy five percent of the people who come into your store that stonestreet emporium ear on street in Waterbury are in fact female. They are female. But I would say it's only female. It's probably more like eighty five percent Because of course women come in with their partners and end Or the best is when they leave him at the pub to come in themselves and relax shop at leisure so that stress that Lisa it was just talking about isn't prevalent. It's SORTA like honey you you go get a beer. I'M GONNA go shopping well. It's tiny in our store. We we I do have a men's shirt rack Prada lucky brand shirts but we really call our men's department. The two Yemeni chairs that we have for the guys to hang out and while aw their female partners are that is the thing so the guy actually goes into the store what yeah and but then any ends up sitting in a comfy chair while it was wife Wanders around the store is still checking the list and looking at looking for what to buy stuff correct and and Are The guy she threw sheepish about this at all awards just Well you know. I don't WanNa sound stereotypical either for the for for the guys out there but I have had some come in and they are actually carrying the list. The guys are carrying the.

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