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Over the strait of Hormuz, Iran claims it was over its airspace. Shootdown is significant escalating the tensions between the US Iran in recent weeks, and it is unclear how the US will react, the US continues to blame Iran for attacking two wheel tankers in the Gulf of Oman last week, a claim that Iran has consistently denied ABC's Louis Martinez in Washington, a house committee, met on what's next with Iran. ABC's Andy Field with the story from Washington special Representative for Iran. Brian hooked telling house foreign affairs committee members that President Trump ended the Iran nuclear deal because he felt Iran ignored it Iran was increasing the scope of its malign activity pressuring other Iran deal countries to stop living up to the agreement, Iran threatening doers zoom nuclear. Enrichment if they do that Andy Field, ABC, news, Washington in Sacramento, California standoff between an armed domestic violence, suspect, and police continues, it's been going on for several hours in his turn deadly police confirmed that a female officer who was shot while assisting on the initial call has died. New York state will not take up legislation that would legalize recreational marijuana, the state Senate will adjourn for the year before they can take action on it. The sticking points include how revenue from attacks on pot should be spent whether past possession conviction should be expunged, and whether local communities could opt out of hosting dispensaries supporters have introduced, what they're calling a more modest Bill that eliminates criminal penalties for possession ABC's. Daria Albinger, the city council and Riviera Beach, Florida suburb of Palm Beach voted unanimously to pay six hundred thousand dollars. Ransom to hackers who took over its computers. You're listening to ABC news. It.

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