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And all. This and and watching this, uh, I'm saying to myself Oh, my God, I I don't know what he's gonna be able to text me after this because this was just an absolutely insane play that took a victory, a potential victory away from Purdue. Minnesota beats Purdue, right 34 31. Minnesota gets their second one of the year, Purdue falls to two and two This was something that I I already I think there's going to be some people who are saying I will, I will pony up to pay. Whatever finds that Bram gets in the post game press conference for whatever he's going to say about what happened at the end of this game. It is. I don't know how you make a call like this, but Jeff Brown clearly Hey, look and I'm old enough. Remember Jeff Robberies blamed actually playing college football. Purdue is trailing Minnesota 34 31 late in the fourth quarter with 40 Four seconds left to go. Quarterback Jack Plumber, Jack Plumber to see up Jack Plumber? Yes, is the quarterback for not Jake Plummer, Jack Plumber throws a long touchdown pass that gives them the lead with about 40 seconds left to go. And a flag comes in for pass interference that negates the touchdown right now. Plumber would throw a pick. Ah, play later, Minnesota would kneel on the football and kill the clock. The replay of this is just I can't understand how you would throw a flag on this. You watch the receiver. The tight end come down the middle of the field, and he doesn't touch anybody. He? There's a one point where he and the DB or close to each other, and the receiver kind of just moves his waves his hand at him like in a way, because the DP is trying to get close to him. But there's really no cut. There's no contact. He runs free catches a touchdown. The flag comes in. And that negates that that touchdown. I mean, there's bad calls, and I know where we're victims. Prisoners the moment there's hyperbole, and I understand that. But this I mean, this is when you say, boy, What's a really bad call look like This is what comes up. This is one of the worst calls I've ever seen. This is where you're gonna find out after. Hey, ref! How much money do you have on the golfers with this? Whoa! Allegedly, you're going if you had, you know, I mean, they're works fans in the stands. So maybe a few folks yelled it. That man This was this was such a horrendous I can't even tell you what what the official was looking at that they decided that the arm arm extension trying to just As the D B got up on him, and that really didn't change much of anything at all. Zero gave him no advantage in the route Pain. Durham, by the way, is the tight ends name. Just add, add some extra extra gravitas to it, and I want to read a tweet from one of your favorite guys who said one of the worst call I've ever seen. That's from pro football Hall of Famer Gil Brandt. Who's my buddy? My buddy Gil Brandt, My buddy. Yeah, he's still waiting on your system. You really should write him a note to congratulate him. I'm getting to the hall and talk about that system. But Yeah, This was absolutely fraudulent. They had a play earlier in the drive, which was pretty crazy, which looked like a sure interception. The receiver comes back over the back of the defender kind of grips it out, but because it was touched By another Minnesota player whose foot was on the sideline. The circus catch that the receiver ended up making didn't count. Kind of like the electricity. You're out of bounds, So they had to overcome that which look like just a crazy first downplay and then get absolutely screwed. I mean, this is Montreal Screw job, too. Oh, it was. I mean, look on the thing is, I don't know if that's really the explanation. That's the truth for this because the flag comes in very late in the play. The flag is thrown as he catches the ball, so I I don't know that you can see because when, when he when he kind of waves his arm Adam, he's only about 45 yards off the line of scrimmage. He doesn't really come in contact with him. You know in the flag comes in at the end of the play after he makes the catch, so I don't know that that's what the referee saw when he threw the flag. I mean, really, he's right. You could even say that he's just running and that's the way his arms are going. I mean, I know from watching football in here, he's just gonna He's trying to push the DBS over. But he makes no contact with him. He makes no contact a lot of folks saying cheating, cheating, cheating. Accused this guy of fraud. Want to know who he is and where he lives. This is escalating. Weekly in the social media universe. I cannot wait to hear jet we something I never thought we'd say here on a Friday night, we will bring you Jeff Brahms Post Game press conference. What happens Because I can't imagine how pissed off he's going to be. He was living on the field, and this is just in the last few minutes. This happened. I really I can't understand that. Can't understand this call. There's there's nothing. You can say that you could even argue the other side of it. And that's what makes this call so bad. Because usually with bad calls you go. Well, why did they? Why did they blow the whistle on this? Well, technically, you saw the landing spot for the player give you didn't have a chance of a spot to land and you go. Oh, man, That's a really thin reason. But at least that's like a 3% chance of a faour penalty called This is 0% there. There is nothing on this play. That tells me they should be called. I mean, Durham doesn't do anything it does. It looks like drunk running down the field and and he just runs by the DB, and it's a great throw. And it's a perfect catch. And this should be the game. Or at least it should be a lead with 44 seconds left to go for Purdue s O much anger right now. All of the cheating accusations and Perpetuating a fraud, all sorts of questions about the big 10 and officials. This is this is what you need out of Friday night, baby, And I got to say this for Bram. I give him credit because that mass stayed up. So you couldn't even do the lip reading of what? What was going on and coming out of his mouth? Yeah, that this is going to be some kind of postgame presser from Jeff Prom. I guarantee it. I mean, I really I'm wide watch this plane now, 100 times and I'm saying to myself, how can you? How can you even throw the flag? What do you think you saw? What? What does anything you think you saw when there is no contact? How is that pass interference that can be fast friends. There's no contact. And yet, just like I quit on the play. Hmm. Right. You know what? Because the DB absolutely quit and he walked into the end zone and caught it, You know, untested Just that turns. I was watching a video of old NBA officiating hot mic. Moments and one word Jordan walked over. The guy could come on. He hit me with both hands because you sure and he goes and he calls the fall he goes. I gotta believe you, Mike. I gotta believe you, And then there's a bunch of others where they're getting into with Allen Iverson and talking through things. Whatever the same kind of thing here, it's like I threw the flag. What do you want? I threw it. It's done. Game's over me this just terrible. I mean, with all the question marks of how this season's gonna end, stealing a win in an already shortened season. Like a thief in the night. This is an old W w e trick where you grabbed the belt. You run back to the locker room By God. He stole one. He'll defend it all that summer slam. Yeah, yeah. When macho man beat Tito Santana for the Intercontinental Championship, And I think it was who was it that came into the mouth of the South. Jimmy Hart gave him a foreign object to hit Tino Santana with and the referee, of course, didn't see it..

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