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Kris van Cleave reports. Secretary of State Blanken testifies today as Congress opens hearings into the end of the war in Afghanistan. We expect lawmakers to press Secretary Blinken on how many American citizens and Afghan allies remain in Afghanistan. Lawmakers will want answers on the decision to pull troops out by the August 31st deadline despite Americans being left behind. They're also expected to ask why the U. S. Failed to heed warnings from some in the intelligence community. Predicting the Taliban's rapid takeover unwelcome visitor along the Gulf coast of Louisiana and Texas. CBS News meteorologist David Parkinson says it's Tropical Storm Nicolas, you are going to be seeing a ton of rain. The Getting in the afternoon hours tonight and then straight through the evening. Into the night into the overnight hours and into the morning. By the time you wake up in portions of the Houston area, you could be seeing over a foot of rain checking Wall Street right now the Dow is up 221 points. NASDAQ is down 52. This is CBS News. Fever is the key symptom for both the flu and covid. The exigent temporal scanner is essential to detect fevers early and reliably learn more at extra jin dot com. Necessary or nonsense reaction to the governor's mask mandate that kicked in today. That's after Cairo radio. Real time traffic. Good morning. Every Martin Good morning, Dr on North Bound 405 still a pretty significant shores. Drivers work their way between 167 on and off all the way up to 5 20, but the rent in the Bellevue travel time at the core coming in at 30 Minutes north on five pretty slammed getting through the Tacoma core, also seeing additional brake lights starting south of all borough and all the way up past the convention center. 35 minute travel time on north and five between Olympia and Tacoma. Pretty average for this time of the morning. It looks like westbound 5 20 going to get you across the water and into Seattle about 12 minutes faster this morning, still a heavy drive on south and five from about 148 down into shoreline and self on four or five, Still seeing delays, his driver's head out a totem lake and through Kirkland. This report sponsored by car lots, a priest, a dentist and a mom walk into a car lot, because that car lots anyone can be a used car sales person car lots. It feels good to be a used car person. That's your Cairo radio. Real time traffic a memory Martin, now from the Cairo Radio News Center, at my northwest dot com Where is the science questions today as Governor Jay Inslee's new expanded mask mandate text effect As of the day you not only have to wear a mask inside public spaces, but at gatherings of 500 or more outside While there are skeptics, this woman tells Cairo seven TV. It just makes sense long as this so many people around you. I think it's better to stay safe and keep others safe. Hospitals are seeing new record high numbers of covid cases, mostly among the unvaccinated. Today is the final day for state employees and school teachers to get their first dose of the fighter covid vaccine if they want to meet the governor's deadline. Cairo seven TVs, Matthew Smith explains. That's because of a 21 Day gap between the doses the deadline for Dean. Moderna vaccine has already passed. But if you were to take the Johnson Johnson, those state employees could wait until October, 4th to get the one does shot. All state workers have until October 18th to get fully vaccinated unless they have a valid medical or religious exemption to White center. Now the same strip mall that was badly damaged by a fire in August is billowing smoke again. Paris seven TVs Lauren Donovan is on the scene. So right now we're at the intersection of Dell Ridge and Roxbury. We've got ladders out in the back shooting water from above one direction. Then on the left side over here, another ladder, shooting down firefighters.

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