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Welcome back to the GMC Booker view podcast where we are talking today about books about thanksgiving more books about gratitude. Thanksgiving themes, thanksgiving traditions, all of that good stuff as I said in the first segment it's easier. I think to find books about thanksgiving for children. There's a lot of them. One of my favorite traditions. Growing up was you know, a lot of people watch the parade on Thanksgiving Day that wasn't one of our traditions probably because we had a black and white TV till I was in fifth grade. And it just wasn't quite as fun as watching on color. I do watch it now. But I watched a Harley Brown thanksgiving every year love Charlie Brown thanksgiving always a little disturbed though. When Woodstock Easter key at the end of the episode, whatever that is a book a Charlie Brown thanksgiving. So you can read that one on thanksgiving. If you're looking for a theme the concern that I have is balancing the historical story with historical reality. Maybe you know, it's kind of hard to it's of hard to talk about thanksgiving without getting into the colonialism and everything that happened afterwards. I mean, the basis of the story of coming together and giving. Thanks is great. But. Either. We definitely read that story through certain lenses, and it can be problematic. So when I talk about thanksgiving books, it's either, you know, kind of generally about thanksgiving, or it's more about gratitude, it has to be specific type of book in terms of the historical aspects of it because you just want to be, you know, you wanna be careful how you tell that story. How you interpret that story what what lenses you look at that story through. So. Yeah, there there's some stuff. But there's there are some some good books out there that give you the history and don't make it to biased. I guess one way or the other as I mentioned in the first segment. Also, I I noticed that there are. Maybe numerous I don't know how many when I was looking at lists cozy mysteries that involve the that are either set right around that are set right around thanksgiving. So that's kind of fun. I think that holidays and family gatherings are always good place to set cozy mysteries because zany nece ensues when you are when you gather all of your family together, especially those family members that have opinions differing opinions, and yeah, it can get really interesting around the thanksgiving table. I was looking at lists of books and some of the children's books that I love we I've I've talked about Junie b Jones on the podcast before and Junie b has a book called turkeys. We have loved and eaten and other things giving stuff turkeys. We have loved it eaten that is just such a Junie b Jones title. It's so room. One is getting ready for their very own thanksgiving feast, there's even a contest to see which room can write the best thankful list. The winners will get a pumpkin pie only. It turns out being thankful is harder than it looks because Junie b is not actually thankful for tattletale may or scratchy pilgrim, costumes and pumpkin pie makes her vomit anyway will room one winds gusting pie can may Junie B find common ground or will this thanksgiving feast turn into a Turkey day disaster. Love judy. She's so overwrought melodramatic. He's just awesome. She's she's I think she's my spirit animal my spirit inner child something. But that reminds me of the the gratitude, the giving thanks in one of my favorite things when I was working with children was always the unfiltered -ness of them and the honesty of them sometimes her, so brutally honest that it hurts when you know, they have no tax. But I I loved him. We were talking about what are you for? What what makes you happy?.

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