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Uh actually have you make your did year era of lent led the lennox task had eyewitness news and then waiting at ally away early app and windows eleven be based on olympics colonel and they went out looking for israel list it would i almost her into the less because so many people hurry play cut a guessing about this do you think microsoft will do a lennox distribution right like their own and fiu cut a laugh and you're like i know you know they get all those partnerships with red hat in the snapped at leonard ago government kinda array of you have yeah kinda with that was when they're doing around a open compute project they're doing a lot of things around lennox rate um and some people are like oh it's basically they're lennox mbeki o t remember it looks clarify this because build over mc looked limits for the gustov pursues lyrics for the cloud this is lyrics yet yet as like a virtual potential but do you remember it was like two years ago embarked percent of its gave an interview to somebody and he said there is nothing stopping microsoft from creating its own lennox and at the time i just as like oh come on what and now you know as as all the things continue to happen with them doing more around open course lennox partnerships i'm like ask wouldn't it be crazy if like 2017 was a year microsoft came out with microsoft lennox and some in some way shape or form not like you said not to compete with red hat vote in ah.

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Windows, Microsoft, Lennox discussed on Windows Weekly

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