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Oh it it was super fun fun show what you guys are doing thank you thank you we also have in the other corner it's the host of the crash podcasts he's so fun so wonderful it's alex schmidt hi alex hey thank you for having me here it's all always wonderful to have you are you guys ready to get into it all right let us start with topic number one netanyahu has been miffed about the iran nuclear deal from the beginning he's in full chagrin anytime anyone from the international community talks to you're on like a regular country israeli spies seized documents in an overnight raid on an iranian facility in january and this week ben you mean use those documents to give a very theatrical powerpoint presentation where he tried to prove that iran lied leading up to the deal and that's why the entire nuclear deal is a shaham wooded you guys make of this presentation why wouldn't i didn't watch the tire presentation or nothing but the story had a picture of him in front of an entire slide that just said he lied or iran yeah and it was like in six foot lettering ridiculous big yeah really using picasso dings but also the other funny thing about this i'm just like i find this presentation the most like hilarious aspect of all of this like forgetting the content of the presentation and the international ramifications the actual presentation involved like him like dramatically taking like pulling down sheets from like like a cabinet that had pieces of paper it was like ooh very bob dylan vary was it was very donny because donny remember he pulled there those like seven thousand pieces of paper that were like all super clean and like had never been ruffled or tahoe.

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