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Became a television game show regular in nineteen seventies army veteran who served in the Korean War Taylor showbiz career took off with spots on the ed Sullivan show and that's where he was known as the Krajina comedian back then it went on to make over two thousand guest appearances on TV shows like Hollywood squares in the gong show Publicis Harlem ball says Taylor died today in Beverly hills Taylor is survived by his long time partner Robert Fortney he was eighty four five people have been hurt in explosions at Oktoberfest celebration in Huntington beach fire department battalion chief Jeff Lopez says tool of those hurt last night were firefighters what happened after that first explosion in in everybody gets knocked down is as they get up and try to figure out what happened and and find one another even and figure out what's happening they realize that the person who guided them there they don't see that person he says when firefighters went to look for the employee of the Old World village restaurant a second explosion happened Lopez says it appears that an electrical fault exploded near the Old World village Oktoberfest celebration second whistle blowers come forward with information about president trump's dealings with Ukraine is second let's person now adds to the impeachment in Korean questions regarding trumps conduct during the phone call with Ukraine's president in July the attorney who represents both whistle blowers says a second person has spoken to the intelligence committee's internal watchdog and can corroborate information in the original whistle blower complaint by president Penn says he's angry at house Democrats for launching the impeachment inquiry do nothing Democrats do nothing Democrats launched a partisan impeachment inquiry in a blatant attempt to overturn the will of the American people in the last election but I think you all see through and spoke at a Republican unity rally in Louisiana yesterday at the White House received a letter from house Democrats demanding documents related to the president's dealings with Ukraine Washington post reporter top pens adviser was on the call between trump in Ukraine's new leader four people have been shot and killed a bar in Kansas city Kansas police said the V. shooters walked into the tequila Casey bart around one thirty in the morning shop nine people to shooters got away and cops say they think the shooting happened after an argument earlier in the evening.

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