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A little little easier get that kindling going if you don't have extra mouths besides your own defeat anyway einstein's family learns to accept her you know after she's pregnant and you know when believes his pregnant 1901 it when they're not even married gasp grown women fainted in the street actually is fairly scandalous fraction of one labour moves to our live with their parents and hungry to give birth to their baby and albert moves to burn for work and that patent office on february third ninth no tomb labour has einstein's daughter lie searle a girl and so i would never actually eyes on now wasn't kosher for swiss official which our now was because he works in that the patent office to have an illegitimate child you know his father would not give albert permission to marry mileva yet even though yo she had had a baby and so ever didn't get married uh you know he i guess you really want to dad's approval ice i also didn't ever go visit is new child not sure why isn't it didn't do that and then of for reasons history isn't quite sure of lysol just kind of disappear said it's the the we think that she was given up for adoption speculation says to a family friend see the rumors it down a little la light's i had a scarlet fever to to say see your later lie searle dark chapter ninestory as a as a dead i just can't imagine not visiting your newborn baby and it's not even like the baby is a product of one i stand of the product for someone who either didn't have relationship you know he would than ever legit weather could just ended relationship with not that will be okay in that situation extra we are considering that not only will not break up malaysia would soon going to become einstein's wife but he just i just never made it out there to see the baby different times i guess you know he was poor now his family was going through some tough financial times he just started this job the baby was born back into nova saad serbia were bolivia's parents live today over twenty hours away by train back then probably like two full days naito to member is not a good year all round for einstein his dad herman dis on october ten science no to milan of heart failure luckily albert was able to be with him.

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