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November eighteenth. Two thousand nine thousand nine hundred. You are listening to the O'Reilly update. Here's what's happening today in America. The attorney general calls the impeachment inquiry and all out war to undermine the president. TV ratings show. Americans largely he disco interested. Louisiana's Democratic governor winds against the trump machine mayor pay rises the first place the latest Iowa poll new study shows Americans having a harder time falling asleep. Also ahead the message on torturing culturing the president but first torney general bar defending the president from the quote Democrats scorched Earth War against the White House saying Donald Trump's policies like the travel ban have quote neither transgress the constitution or traditional norms unquote. Somehow Democrats are now calling for bars impeachment which seems to be a theme of these days television ratings ratings for the first few days of public impeachment hearings not good day one drew about thirteen million viewers for shy of the nineteen million in that watched James Comey or the twenty million tuned in for Michael Cohen. Gop Congressman Devon Nunez calling the plummeting ratings a quote embarrassment for the Democrats. A new poll says only twenty one percent of Americans are paying attention to impeachment. The deep South only the Democratic governor wins re election in Louisiana John Bel Edwards defeating Republican businessman Eddy responding by less than two percent about forty thousand volts president trump campaigned alongside responding. Three times cleaning a last minute rally. Donald Trump won Louisiana by twenty points joins in two thousand sixteen. There is a new front runner in Iowa Pete. Buddha Judge Mayor P tops the list of Democratic candidates in the latest polls with twenty two percent of support Joe Biden trails at Nineteen Elizabeth Warren Eighteen Bernie sanders thirteen. This study says Americans are having a a hard time falling asleep and staying asleep report from Iowa State University reveals now takes. US adults sixty to ninety minutes does off researchers say the problem is getting worse for younger Americans. Forty percent of adolescents are not catching the proper amount of Z's every single night. I attribute this to the smart phone addiction in a moment is strange. Look at the impeachment follies right now. Anyone with a mortgage.

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