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Did you know that Amazon has created Alexa for business or Amazon's relationship with healthcare coachman are seeing the CEO Digital Authority partners talks about what Alexa for business is how to use it? Why Amazon Alexa is being used? So much in the healthcare space current skills and use cases in the healthcare space. Why he got into voice and his predictions for Google assistant and Amazon Alexa in the future. I inside boys podcast listeners. This is your co host Kerrie Roberts. Today my guest is code are seen the CEO of Digital Authority partners and the CEO of healthcare. Weekly welcome coaching. Thanks for being here so much for inviting me on August today so I had reached out to you a little while ago because I found this great article that you had gone on Amazon Alexa for business and in it you really broke down. What Amazon has already created for businesses? That anyone can use to be honest. I personally did not know that they had all of those already so I would love for you to talk about what and how businesses can use Alexa internally or at their place of work and then how they can get some specialty skills as well absolutely not surprising that you haven't heard about Alexa for business. Unfortunately Amazon rolled it out. I like a better test where developers were invited to really create skills for the platform and even if Elektra business becoming more and more popular. It is something that Amazon is necessarily pushing very heavily. Amazon for businesses not new concepts if your listeners worked for large enterprises they're familiar with civic mobile application which are only installed on their work devices work smartphones. Alexa for businesses basically the theme but it relates to a specific Alexis skill. So how it works is quite simple. Any business out there in the world and basically just apply online. Open an account with Amazon for Business Division. And you would be allowed to create your own business skill. That will be deployed at the location of your choosing. These are skills will not be discoverable. And let's go to the APP store for like skill. They'll just be yours in the sense of your company and the way it works. Basically you're paying a license to Amazon. Usually around seven dollars per month per device in order to operate the civic skilled but the price actually goes down depending on how many users up. There's definitely room for negotiation. Now this is kind of the tactical side of Alexa for business. So I want to talk a little bit about the business side and Alexa as everybody knows at. Its core the chat by right and an chart buds for the longest time. Getting you know beating in the media for people who are using them the amount of times I've seen the articles that they know Alexis dumb like I lost track of it and in many ways this is both a failure of imagination which is business executives. Do not think creatively when it comes to Amazon can do for their business but also as a what I call. A product management failure behind any successful digital projects have a product manager who was in charge of the vision the execution the business rules in place so every time you see a chat by that is dumb or Alexa kind of stumbling and not be able to understand your request because the product manager behind that specific skill has not accounted your specific scenario. And that's why shutoff could've done I've done right. And if you WANNA use the word dom dom is that whoever is responsible for building that has not either accounted for a scenario or doesn't have the right analytics tools in place for when you use the a specific request for them to tweet algorithm and the scenarios to account for what you're looking for now when it comes down to the business side. Alexa for business has tremendous potential across the board. And we already seeing this. With a variety of companies that have developed Alexa for business skills which they're reselling on the open market so there's video conferencing lexus skills where Alexis capable of starting of video conference with a symbol of voice command. Their skills that how businesses streamlined daily tasks were electric. Use to let's say help. Employees improve productivity by automating organizing specific daily path. Alexa or business has skills for email organization. Where believe there are non? Amazon Echo can manage your office visits if five or g mail read. Reply an organized. According to your preferences you can schedule different conferences simply by using Alexa devices in your office. One of the project. We've Work on recently Was actually an Alexa skill for doctors to be able to take notes and for those those to be able to be pushed into the ER holistically Alexi for business. The bottom line at is a platform builds to help businesses improve productivity and completing pass quickly inefficiency. Yeah and like you said I mean this is available now Amazon through. Aws If you look up Alexa for business these are things that are already set up for you That you can implement in your workplace which I think is incredible. You had also written another great article online. I mean you really do your research and you talked about Alexa in healthcare. I'd love for you to take us through the journey of Amazon getting more involved in the healthcare space for those that maybe don't know the history especially over the last few years absolutely if you're to think holistically we're kind of historically bowed. Amazon's for into how care it actually started more or less with the AWS expansion Which is it's the most profitable side of the business very secure storage and application development platform. Which out your companies in particular desperately need amount of regulation in the House. Your space is tremendous and there's a bunch of security frameworks like high trust or hip compliance and the fight of the business has always been compliant because this is where the big money is in healthcare out here in the United States is both the biggest cost but also the biggest employer and one of those heavily regulated industries in the world. If not the most regulated for Amazon's GonNa Sneak in if you will with. Aws SOLUTIONS BUT OVER TIME. Amazon started really investing way beyond just having the support role behind the scene and moved towards fears of acquisition. That are very important for Amazon to go into the fifty s but actually the biggest priority when it comes to how it has nothing to do with it has to do with the consumer base. They purchased a few companies that provide dental services. Basically new ten order your prescription fulfillment line and Amazon will deliver it to you They've recently but recently mean say earlier lost year they filed a patent actually for Alexa. And it's a healthier pattern where Alexa can actually reach. An is where we have the symptoms of flu or a cold and can proactively basically telling you and of course the overall vision is that of an interconnected home with the house component. Amazon dream is for when you're walking around the house you coughing you have a Cold Alexa tells you by the way. I think you have a cold. You have all these symptoms. Should I basically send you IBUPROFEN or any other call medicine and that can be done just by talking to Alexa where Alexa becomes as for active artificial intelligence? That helps you understand quicker that you have a disease. And then then it's able to fill the pharmacist. Component Ole in the comfort of your home. And that's GONNA solicitously Amazon's vision and I wanted to talk about it from the Amazon point of view. Because there's another very important component that we should discuss which is our businesses we'd be though houser startup or hospitals or device manufacturers or the Pharma companies or even a Pharma trial companies starting to Leverage Alexa. Because they are. They're leveraging Alexa Day to day basis and most people have no idea that happening and they're leveraging Alexa ways are very smart and very active and also in ways that holistically can reviews the cost of healthier and also improve the quality of patient care and the United States. So there's a lot of different use cases than are actually currently being leveraged. I can also talk about a couple of them that we as an agency are currently working on a solution. Well let's talk first about the what what's out there right now. So for example right now if you have diabetes there multiple Alexis skill that enabled you as a patient to manage your condition effectively. Some of the very exciting Alexi Skills Right now or a leverage in the senior care space. And there's a lot of senior living facilities that have deployed Alexa skills. Which out the elderly with taking medication. But also they helped patient and nurses keep track of the medication being administered to a specific patient. Right now the best and most exciting projects that we've worked on as an agency acid you with managing block pressure with the help of an election skill and it's Omron how dare they have released a smart. Fda.

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