Groucho Marx discussed on Michael Savage


I think it was a great Groucho Marx who once said you gotta love a politician now they create all the problems and then they fix them with your money I'm a good soldier on the savage nation and doctor savage of the back tomorrow all right so we're showing you the weaponization the Democrats are chomping on the bit to use this of course to create their socialist utopia I don't know what clean water and green new deal than this for free and that for free and health care for free and all that has to do with with covert nineteen but that's what they're ready to do in the second two trillion dollar bailout but this is the political partisan weaponization of covert nineteen now I told you to look forward to this and now here we are it's starting to happen they're going to start putting this all through the filter of their obsession and their world view and and their agenda of what they're trying to create so watch how covert nineteen is someone's fault and how people love this color suffered more than people of that color people of this economic class were able to have access to testing and god covert a lot less than people that make this much money how quickly is going to become back to illegals back to race back to pour back to envy and envy to control you so that they can get that outcome well you can't start without the poster child right A. O. C. cut a these additional deaths many of them are unnecessary their deaths of incompetence their deaths of science denial their deaths of inequality and down and so it's important for us to acknowledge how unnecessary the level of of crisis that we are at right now that is due to the incompetence of this administration that is due to the lack of responsiveness this administration when it comes to the particular cruelty to undocumented immigrants so according to A. O. C. Donald Trump not cove it killed all these people not hi there Sean Hannity and I'm not gonna but the president stopping the travel as early as did as he did that they were all criticizing as racist probably was the most significant thing to save lives the problem is because China was slow and telling it wasn't soon enough but make no mistake about it they weaponized and they and the weapon is pointed at somebody and that from AOC is clearly pointed at Donald Trump let's see if cut fourteen is any different quality environmental racism these are pre existing conditions and when you have a pandemic similar to what we saw with hurricane ready yeah when you have a natural disaster or an event like a pandemic hit communities that have already been ravaged by weekend healthcare systems weakened infrastructure the south Bronx is one of the highest childhood asthma rates in the country okay what do we know we know if you're fat we know if you're pre diabetic diabetic have smoked for a long period of time or elderly or with an immune deficiency are already pre existing heart and or lung condition this is deadly but for ninety eight percent it's not a pre existing deadly condition but again this is her weaponizing at her pointing the weapon at Donald Trump and the great Susan rice who has so much room to talk after Benghazi she even chimed in rather than moving immediately from very early January to do the things that they that we know we have to do get in place the testing capacity that the scale it up so that is widely available the surge the purchase and the distribution of personal protective equipment ventilators masks gloves gowns are and get back to our hospital systems built out of bed capacity Rick call back medical parolees things that states and locals are now doing on the fly these are the things that we know we needed to do and do at the outset and so they didn't do that they waited two months it's not the one month at the New York times headline you wasted money it was a wasted two months and those two months have meant the difference between many tens of thousands of Americans dying who who might otherwise not have died I will many tens of thousands have not even died yet so I don't know how she does her math but the bottom line is I think what you can hear whether its who's who who dusted her.

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