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And so on. There's not much really no more big news. Really talk about actually for out lebron james driving crybaby ron crying about the i team might be. I mean be real. You might not even make the playoffs altogether if they even if there wasn't a plan i mean you might fall down to the night. See if y'all don't get it together and so lakers need to work. Lakers nation need to worry. Not looking good digging out bigoted clippers come out to west issue digging the clippers come out to west issue against either brooklyn or the sixers. The sixers got injury problems too. don't get they. Don't get everybody back healthy tag donated so that you can see the clippers versus the sixers this year. That is highly possible Yeah clip versus sixers. Just because anybo welfare lakers in plan to say it'd be a is going out anyways. I just did that segment. A whole hour segment commit never did our segment podcast segment. Nba ratings are down. I mean you gotta do something if you you know you force feeding these ideologies views down haffey a fair basis throat alienating your call him half of your fan base you know racist. Oppressors it alienated. You bring politics in sports. Which i don't agree with whatsoever like i don't want politics of us. Sports in all this movies will politics is. Politics is politics in the music. Already you know out needed to be sports too. I don't need every form of entertainment app pilots is they guess what if every form of entertainment as politics. It's no longer entertaining. It's no longer. Entertainment is just politics. Let me sit my water. Siaka so-called at a little bit. Repeat it again if every form of entertainment has politics in it. It's entertainment it's not entertaining. It's just politics so people like to watch basketball to get away from politics daylight to watch their football to get away from the politics in the news channel. It's enough every day news throwing racism down your throat race down your throat. You know every day doesn't have to be about race at racism because what everybody's not dealing with racism every single days society..

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