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This is the outer loop topside coming from I 95 all the way around toward Georgia Avenue with the lanes open that way in Virginia, No reported issues, things looking good between the Legion Bridge and the Wilson Bridge. Well, back in Maryland, South bound to 70. That delay is now after 85 in stretches, headed all the way past 109. Once you get past 109, everything looks good. Headed to the lane. Divide, Auntie Either loop of the Beltway south, But on the Baltimore Washington Parkway, the delays begin before Route 100, often on making your way toward 1 75 inside the Beltway, a little bit of volume getting past 4 10, but nothing major. Now. Inbound 50 delays from 202 trying to head to New York Avenue on inbound New York Avenue, seeing delay approaching Bladensburg Road before Bladensburg Road Watch for any accident activity. South bound D. C. To 95 slows after Eastern Avenue headed towards Capitol Street, and the inbound Suitland Parkway is a little heavy trying to make your way toward first sterling. And the Douglas Bridge, but that earlier wreck looks like it may have cleared Now I to 95 is still in good shape. North bound, coming from the Beltway headed all the way to the 11th Street Bridge in Virginia. North bound 3 95 is starting to slow after the Pentagon headed onto the inbound 14th Street Bridge north about 95 the volume Dale City in the Woodbridge After you cross the AKA Kwan, You hit the brakes and Morton but good through Newington into Springfield eastbound and westbound 66. No reported problems. Eastbound is starting to slow just a little bit. Approaching the Beltway, 1, 23 and Fairfax, Oxford. Between Zion driving Braddock Road remains blocked. They're doing emergency repairs for some downed wires that came up down earlier. This is supposed to be an extended closure. So a good idea to think of a work around 28. It's Sterling Boulevard that was a report of a crash. Protect your home from the invisible destroyer Termites Call home Paramount Pest Control for free inspection. 888888 home or home. Paramount dot com. I'm Rita Kessler, w T OBY Traffic and Lauren Rickets. It seems like that little reprieve from the Heat is over today. Yes, we're headed into the mid upper seventies van seasonable for this time of year. Some areas they're gonna.

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