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Dot com they do these huge web series covering it but I realized there's really nothing covering teen bodybuilding. So I started uploading videos on Youtube just Basically. To store my contests footage on there just of contests footage and just forget about it. It was just there. So I can look back at it kind of like dropbox or Google docs and one day look back at it and I noticed I had a pretty good amount of views and subscribers built up from it and I was Kinda shocked. But then it kind of clicked I love public speaking love it love speaking in front of a camera and I think I'm pretty good at breaking things down in a unique way when it comes to giving. Information out. So I just decided you know what? I'm going to create a platform to document teen bodybuilding since there isn't one and it'll be youtube and I started my channel and it started interacting and the rest was history though. For people out there right now like. Youtube and Twenty Twenty It seems like it's probably going to be like damn near impossible to get big now just because the the spaces and there's so much noise going on right What advice do you have somebody specifically in the fitness realm to help build their? Youtube. Channel. Run. I was listening I like jogging I don't run away from. The best advice I can give you. There's there's no real tricks of trade anymore. It's a crazy time right now. So you're you're dealing with an industry that's so overly saturated. You're doing with algorithms now on Youtube Instagram, facebook medias that work against you even let your content get to your organic followers anymore everything's we're GonNa get you, and then there's no real trend to follow either on one side of fitness youtube, you have guys give it informative lifting. Tips on the other side you have Larry wheels hitting PR's and then the other side you have just gimmicky shit with people pulling up in like supercars doing backflips and crazy stuff like that. That's just kind of eye and goes viral. So there's not one real right track to jump on. So my advice now would be my advice was back when I first started youtube and what it has always been, which is decide what you're passionate about and pursue that. Passionately and then just use youtube as a way to share that passion boom. That's it. If you do that, you'll never go wrong because you may run into a point where you're not getting views things are not picking up it's not going well, you're not going to care because you're just following your passion first and foremost, and then eventually you keep doing that enough you never know something could finally pick up. Do you think it's like a viable option anymore these days to just rely just on youtube like ad revenue for somebody to like. Because what I'm thinking is like, okay like even doing all this right now like. In so much work and attention into this podcast. That is very much obviously worth it. Is that worth these days to put that much time and energy into a Youtube Channel? No. Not just first rate revenue and actually. GRADUATE ASK THAT Starting to Youtube Channel. For the sake of revenue and making money is an absolute guarantee to failure. I've said that before a billion times and still stand by if you're starting youtube channel to make money, you're gonNA fail because already your heads going to be in the wrong place and you're going to be number focus you be focusing on the numbers and those numbers do not climb fast and you're gonNA get discouraged and you're getting fed up and you're going to quit and also the the viewers are going to be able to tell that your content is not genuine. There's something about Content when is genuinely creative and it's coming from a passion it just feels different. It sits with you different and you're not going to have that so. Do not focus on the money at all and don't get an youtube for the sake of making money and also is it feasible? So in theory yes like I still make money off my youtube channel and even when I start uploading more, see that money go up again but you gotta get a pretty big channel to make sufficient money. Now you know nowadays it's like okay YouTube. Cool. But we're really relying on sponsors relying on our own businesses our own sites whether you coaching programs run a clothing line whatever it may be. Other endorsements, there's other things that come from the youtube channel that make us money. So we're not really focus too much on the ad revenue because that's getting smaller and smaller and smaller companies are paying less and less money because ads are becoming less and less effective at targeting was huge in two thousand and fifteen. It's quickly becoming saturated and not as effective anymore. So the paying less and less. So the CPM's are less and less. And then like I said, the Algorithms are working against you you know and. Now you've got two more hoops to get monetize as a new channel and you gotta You I forget what it is now, but you gotta reach a minimum amount of views. And Wash time every single month stay monetize. It's something like like I think like now nine thousand minutes or some something that sounds something like that and then like ten. Or maybe it's just like one thousand subscribers right? But yeah, I guess, yeah the the barrier of entry. Is getting a little bit higher which actually appreciate because I don't think you know I I think the harder it is actually get monetize I think it will be like the market be less saturated but as far as being a viable option of like you know 'cause like my daughter is twelve years old and like most kids she's like I just wanted to youtube. It's like it's going to take a little bit more than just making like a youtube channel. Take stuff like social media. So D is Are you like you and Arianna the only two that run your social media or the only ones that run it and. What you said I want to go back to what you said about it kind of. The tighter standards for getting monetize kind of weeding out a lot of the undeserving content. That is true as an ideal but I don't think it's working that way in practice because I think what's happening is you're getting. Less, and less efficiency from ad targeting. So people are paying less and less and less and went up resulting is the few companies that have the money to spend are going to start becoming very choosy in what kind of channels, what kind of content they do put their ads into, and then what youtube ends up doing and also should meet isn't doing as they end up conforming this algorithm that's GonNa eventually favor the sort of videos and we're already starting to see this a little bit. Now, you're starting to see more censorship happing youtube now. Because it needs to appeal to advertisers and then you're also seeing and it's I think I think it's still a little bit more robotic right now I don't think it's necessarily someone's favourite tting certain videos but I think this is the direction could very easily go in and is starting to go in where The type of content. Genres, that do. Make money. Investors just want investor add sense into that. So therefore, Youtube is going to start favoring those and those are going to be recommended videos in the in the videos got circuit in the field and what you're going to see is entire genre start getting fizzled out and pushed off to the side. So initially started off with okay cool. We're making it so you can't just be anybody in jump onto youtube but now you're gonNA make. Okay. Even if you're a deserving channel, you just don't fit the criteria of advertisement so you gotta get shoved off to the side. Okay. Cool. It looks like we got a call now right? All right, let's see..

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