Denny Hamlin, Winston Kelly, Hubbard discussed on Kim Komando


Copy that probably go out the back there could be a potential vibration there for Denny Hamlin's car so with that being said Winston Kelly is there any concern right now your driver says the concerned with you can just the voice inflection I was just relaying information so is aware No Way the no way to bring the man and risk losing money I've got to come in operations to bring it to you that would be a totally different situation so a little bit of a concern is not enough to bring you down ground right now that's all you can do if you are trying to raise for a championship and speaking of Denny Hamlin he's there now he runs third he wants second headed your way down Hubbard so much stronger in the outside lane off of turnover to utilizing that traction compound allowed to go now what moves up the racetrack three and four to utilize a compound as well coming up tries to go and chase Elliott one another they swap planes Ellie at this time to the bottom and one on the outside now.

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