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When you look at messy versus rinaldo have you taken the time and seeing the stats have been thrown out there the head to head rinaldo nine hundred twelve caps messy seven hundred sixty two renaldo is six hundred fifty seven goals messy six sixteen so rinaldo has more but he almost has two hundred more games played with very true in europe i mean just seeing these guys numbers are ridiculous rinaldo international plays actually better than messy but when it comes to like the copa del rey the spanish supercup the fa cup the league cup messy dominates there in europe uefa supercup goals are included in twenty five games for messy one fifty nine for rinaldo in it is one hundred to one twentyone in favor of rinaldo i mean their numbers are insane rosa them they are but between cody and kevin wanna ask her to this question to who has bigger star power globally rinaldo a messy because i read i read about as much as i could as much as i can get an interest in it as far as their brandon goes and i do like renault and i like the question just curious i liked the question but i think for us when you when you think about this whole thing like you say us like the united states out here in this country this country us us right right right right i think it's rinaldo i think he is actually marketed better here in the states than anywhere else now if you're going just pure soccer and soccer fan i think messi he's over he takes over but i think purely on a marketing standpoint more people know rinaldo than messy better model sp renault granados taller what we talking physically here we're talking that chisel dabs and the great jolla joking i agree with you that's where i would have went with marketing marketability south american versus european i i don't know probably bigger though even though messy place in europe but it's still like i feel i don't know i i agree with you i think there's still the stigma that renaldo is the bad boy compared to messy messy is the guy he's the he's anjelica compared to rinaldo so he's a little guy just like rounding you just so like messy i feel like around here we can almost relate more because we had timmy and we have steph we have like two guys here that were smaller in stature compared to everyone.

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