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We have a value, but we're going to bring in these two veteran players, three veteran players, basically taking on their salad. Could have gotten Hosmer for free. Exactly. That's exactly right. All right, Astros, what do you get? What do you guys think about what the Astros did at the deadline? Well, I think they improved. Again, Vasquez is a very good catcher. He should have made the all star team this year. The danger there is Martin Maldonado is a great defensive catcher, and they're all used to throwing to him, I think dusty must look around and go, well, we already have a catcher, and even though our catchers are hitting way under 200, they like working with Martin mildon auto. And Trey Mancini's gonna help, but exactly where is he going to play? Dusty knows that Julie guriel hasn't had a good year, but he swung it much better here lately and he's not going to play much he's not very good outfielder. So I like what they did, but it's going to be up to dusty to make sure that Mancini and Vasquez haven't enough playing time to justify those trades. Astros also did not have a left handed reliever until they got Will Smith. All season long may have been going without a lefty in their bullpen. And so to get that for Jay go to rizzi, somebody who didn't even have a spot in the rotation anymore once Lance mccullers, junior comes back, I think it was, listen, Will Smith closed out the World Series last year. Let's remember that for the Atlanta Braves and hasn't had a great year this year, but he's the type of person who's got playoff pedigree. And if you want to stick him in against a bunch of left handed hitters that you're going to run into in the playoffs, Yankees got a lot of lefties. I think we all agree the Padres won the trade deadline. I would say second would probably be between the Yankees and the Mariners. What did you think of what the Yankees did? I liked what the Yankees did because it was incremental. The Jordan Montgomery for Harrison Bader thing confuses me a little bit. Rotation depth is really important. You never know, I mean, you just saw Louis severino go on the 60 day. And so getting Frankie montas replaces him, but Montgomery has been solid, if not spectacular there. Before that though, getting Scott afros, I appreciate trying to look at unconventional guys like 28 year old side arming right handed relievers as being valuable. I appreciate Andrew benintendi because he hits for average and gets on base and makes contact and there's some swing and miss in the Yankees lineup sometimes. I want Stanton's back, judge. But having that contact there is big and getting montas and LUT trevino who want to evaluate or text me and said trevino is nasty just needs to figure out how to harness it and look at most of the players that the Yankees traded to get all of these guys. They're almost all pitchers. The Yankees have a fantastic player development system when it comes to pitching right now. I don't know what his official title is, but I got a text from an evaluator who said, I don't know who the Yankees spin doctor is, but whoever's teaching them what to do down in the minor leagues in terms of figuring out how to design pitches is incredible at a job and deserves a raise. Look, I like what the Yankees did too. Remember, the one reason they're here is how they upgraded their infield defense in the off season. That has been critical, especially to their pitching. Now they've upgraded their outfield defense with Bader and bed attendee in the last ten days, but I'm with you, the Montgomery thing is a little confusing to me because of severino's injury and because James tyon has not been great lately, not even close. So I'm a little confused by that, but I really like where they are because Frankie Montage can strike you out and put the ball on the grass and that's what you're looking for for any effective pitcher. Coming up from JFK airport today, I was listening to New York talk radio, something very dangerous leading to a trade deadline, but they were crushing the mets because they feel like the mets mets fans say we should have done more. We should add bigger names. They wanted bigger, brighter, their Soto or starting pitcher to the headliner, that sort of thing. How do you feel about the mets? Look, the mets are really good. And Michael gibbons is going to help them. And some of these other moves, vogelbach, and people like that, they're going to help the mets, buck show all they're going to figure this out. And he's got Jacob de Grom coming back tonight. Well, I mean, what were they supposed to do with it maybe Wilson Contreras would have really helped, okay? They have the lowest OPS from the catchers of any position. But again, if Wilson Contreras isn't the defensive catcher that he needs to be and Tomas nido is really good and Max Scherzer can't wait to throw to him. Does it really solve anything by bringing Wilson Contreras in? These are the beautiful parts of baseball that we can debate forever. We'll see where the mets go from here. I think they're in pretty darn good shape. Bring them in as a bat. That's what you do there. Catch them once a week twice a week, maybe. Put them into the H slot. Yeah, and I've had my friends who are met spans when they've complained about the lack of conversation around them with these bigger deals, leading up to deadline. You got Max Scherzer, you got starling Marte. You got a lot of really good players during the off season. I agree with you, Tim. It's a really good team. Cincinnati reds are not a really good team, but it seems like they had a really good really good deal making leading up to the deadline.

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