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They only have more. They had sad for mad. Cozy sandals like you know bag today too hard bottles. Their phone bills the buckle. I think they should allow anyone to cheat. Now they have different ways of jeeze. If you're wack y'all you you're allowed to treat you like a team honest lost now you gotta retired sit fucking royal for Senate seat should cheated. We're bringing their kids up to the fire system teaching fundamentals. Listen people pay fifteen dollars a sit in the front seat of the seat him they. They deserve their money. Worth the royals shows. Tickets are not that expensive. Well you know that's a dickhead. New Yorker comment it. Because we think Yankee prices are normal prices there they for the price of a see your the right behind behind home plate. You can buy probably Anaheim stadium for sure. You could buy micro enema. Say to him and when they were saying that now it's my condition I was like. What did you make sense but the thing is like Mike Charlie? Yes everyone's like he's the best player in baseball boilers. When did you see when you see? My action went when that could that. That's baseball industry plan. Because I've never actually seen Mike Mike Trout like Yo. Mike Trout play ever. You know what I'm GONNA hot take. I think people really are on Mike Shrouds. Dick because he's white and they want to. It'd be like the most dominant player in baseball. Is that flying glass. Who knows the best player in baseball is Didi Gregorius he just looked okay. You it's shoes.

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