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I had a dead sister because she wasn't sure because i kept kept on joking about whether or not she was dead or not colombo with a religion believe me like oh this thirty day chip no no i'm just kidding and it's gullible but she'll actually believe me and she actually go into it but <hes> she <hes> but a and actually you know that's one of those things. Actually my sister would appreciate that kind of stuff. You know and yet no it's. It's mine was this'll tragic to the thirty four year old. I mean schizophrenia things of the mind things that they haven't solved. She took a cheap jake. She took ourselves to know. We don't know i think so. I was worried about my sister with her and she took herself for a minute there again it. It was ears puzzle yeah yeah because sometimes the pain is so great it doesn't we don't know what's going on in people's heads and i do think how often do you cry about it. How often a year nah about her by both my sisters my parents either one <hes> <hes> all. I not that often not that often but i'd say about twice a year. Maybe yeah that's about right i i i miss will my younger of the two sisters <hes> who is six years older than me <hes> i. I was very very close with her and i don't know i kind of be trader because she was smoking and dating guys and and she was a little loose and i told my mom on her and then she was city. You know you're in ten. I know but still i betray i yeah i know i know but still and then the older one. I'm just going to cure the goddamn disease and then the other one. I gonna go back. I wanna wanna do mental health stuff really bad and because people are fucked 'cause people are being given everything wrong and they're guinea pigs and psychiatrists the kaya trysts sh- most of them should go to jail they would up there with the drug companies also like yeah with drug companies but has also dominates both am. I am saying the doctor who thinks symbiotic relationship yeah yeah. Here's the new pamphlet but they're not really learning anything and they're also also piling on such shit too sensitive people yeah people that if you if you take just a little bit of something that's enough does just give them a little bit tight. Ration- is the key jin. <hes> mental meds and it's not upon mental meds. It's about human communication and you gotta keep them involved in life..

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