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Everything else so let me go i'm gonna go farfetched here for just a moment but the third amendment to the us constitution no soldier shown time of peace be quartered in any house without the consent of the owner nor not in time of war but in a matter prescribed nor in time of war but in a matter to be prescribed by law now it's a stretch but i ask this for reasons because when you read the third amendment do you think the founders would be okay with what texas has or what the virgin islands half and the way they're written hard to get you i obviously can't ask him but just what i think theory the founding fathers would have been on favor of temporarily taking people in addition to use it in a military or police cruiser civilian protection uh i don't think they probably would have been joined the way we written in the virgin islands i think i think nobody could have a problem with the way to go under loaded it was clear and plain made a whole lot of and acquitted in league use it and to my knowledge you can even the virgin islands i don't leave it at that they actually took of guns yet nobody complaint are we have a new one members in the us virgin islands not wondering complained that we have reached out to re talking let him but what we have talked you'll but may we call get a hold of obviously goes bullet you down now but dr knowledge at this point probably path probably and a nonissue okay well i wanna move on quipped it's a fascinating conversation have it really is obviously we can't get into the heads of people who wrote the constitution but it is it is interesting okay uh first of all let's go to grp see real quick was i don't want to run out of time without mentioning grp see i can talk about suicide with your next weekend there's a big initiative there but gun rights policy concert conferences coming up september twenty nine through october first tell us about at least okay but first you can't cooked we need we can cause i'm going to be in rome italy at an international goliath conflict with look the europeans returned to pick europe so europe so you don't have me on your show good mike policy conference coming up the.

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