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Stand 20 on WGN. I'm moving away from Covic Talk or a said everybody. But Henrietta, Let me just talk to you real quick about this. Then I'm gonna move along. What was it that we could do for you, Henrietta? You're on the air. Okay. Hi, Jen. Um I was wondering, I missed early part of doctors case interview with you and I did She discuss something about incentive programs for people to get the shots. The reason why I ask is my son lives in a state run residential center for people who are multiplying handicapped and of the staff that Worked there about 45% have agreed to be vaccinated and the others have not been in that's driving US parents crazy, and we've suggested incentive programs like, um Appreciation days or monetary. They rest and that's all been dead. All been turned down by the higher ups. They went to I d P h and I, DPH said. No, You can't do that. It's discriminatory and you know, there could be people that have medical reasons or religious reasons for that wanting to be vaccinated, which is true, but maybe we could do something for them. So I really I wish that she had been on the line. I could have called in and asked her about this because we followed the rules of I d ph at the state as a state facility where my son lives, they say, Joe, So we're warning that time More than half of the people of this state facility who are tending to your son have not been vaccinated won't be Steph. Steph, I'm sorry to hear that. I'm sorry. You know, maybe we'll reach out to Dr Z K after the show and see if she can give us any guidance on that. But they're saying that the state can't force those people to do it. Right. You would think they could fire them, though, although I don't know that that's a I don't know that that solves the problem. Yeah. You have a union involved, too. Don't forget so so you would be dealing with the union after me Step, Mike. Take a fence to their choose being better. Piedmont mandatory. In other words, what facility is your son in? He's uh, especially called the and Kylie Center in Waukegan. There are six other ones in the state of Illinois as well and they're experienced even lesser rates of staff. Being, you know, willing to get the chefs. My and this has been a big big problem for us and concerned Well, I'm glad you're vaccinated. You know, I'm glad that you've all gone this far with your son is not contracted covert right? Yeah, exactly. Exactly. It's been very, very strict procedures. Oh, really? So they limited than your access to him? Yeah. Well, like for instance, uh, I was supposed to be seeing my son in May I have a bunch of visits schedules and because there was one or two into, um, staff that came down with covert that's considered a covert outbreak and all visitation stops except for compassionate care visits. So I'm a good able to see my son now since the end of April, until there are 14 consecutive days off, no new covert cases, and we're on day six now, so I'm hoping The next eight days are covert tree so I can see him again. It's either that or trying to get compassionate care visits allowed for myself to see him. No. This is breaks. My heart just breaks my heart. That is That's such a shame, Henrietta. My best to you my best to your son. I hope you get Oh, Argument. Hold me in your arms and at least put your eyeballs on him real soon. If I have any other information, I'll pass it along on the radio. I appreciate it very much. Thank you, John. Good luck. John Williams. I got covert from our church. The pastor and crew wanted our annual Christmas holiday concert to proceed in 2020. So they had it outdoors and it was beautiful and a lot of people work very hard to make it happen. The sounds the lighting the sound. It was just so wonderful. But guess what. One lady and the choir had covert and didn't know it. You guessed it. 30. Plus, people got covert, including the 20 choir members, including my wife, who's not even in the choir. Got Cove. It It could happen. You see this story about? The cost of uber and lift rides these days. Have you taken an uber or lift ride lately? And how was that? I guess the two questions are. How long did it take the vehicle to get to you? And what was the charge? Is it gone up? One of the older men. I think it was Riley Brendan Riley in the 42nd wants to put 150% cap on what they can charge for surge pricing. My guess is that the normal pricing is higher. That's what I'm hearing these days anyway. But then he wants to say that You can't charge at peak times any more than 150%. So if it's normally 10 bucks, it can never be more than 15. I'm okay with that. Uh, Lori Lightfoot did not respond to questions about whether she supports the cap like that. But Um, it seems to me like surge pricing is one thing. The other issue for a lot of you is just getting a new bar or lift to show up. Tell me what that's like. I haven't done this in a long I take cabs if I if I'm taking public transportation besides the C T a Fact, Riley said something interesting in the story, and I'll concur with that. He he makes the point that you have a lot of women that work say in the hospital's downtown. And they'll work a second shift where third shift they get out. It's late. It's dark there alone downtown. It's sure nice oven uber picks you up, but it gets very expensive because those air expensive hours and you burn lifts is expensive these days. So they have to take the C T A. And he says that's not safe. What a shame that is that the C T. A is deemed unsafe for people to take downtown. Um so he said, we've at least got to put a cap on uber and lift, But I think the problem is like what? LF you haven't taken an uber left any time lately, have you and Joe you haven't done it. I took one. Um, I took one last summer a few times, actually, for a very specific Joe. You haven't either? No Lately, I have you have a zoo? A my over. Am I exaggerating? This is the wait time longer for a vehicle. And if you notice is the price higher than it used to be? I think it's just it depends on what time you take it. I personally haven't experienced really long. Wait times the pricing. Yes, I have. Um, surgery. It's just Seymour common more than just more inflated. But the other thing I try to keep in mind is when uber first came to be. I mean, it felt like we were stealing for how cheap these rides were true. So I always feel like this is just kind of us paying it back. Well, that's awful. Consider Joe. I mean, when, When it first came out, I I was telling everyone I'm like we're gonna be telling our kids remember 20 years ago where you could take an uber for like 10 bucks all the way across the city. Normally, when a cab ride it would be so much more rightly said that in the story that the fear was that the ride rates were so low people would go to these rideshare programs. It would drive the cabs out of business. Now the cabs. You can't get a cab downtown to save.

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