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You may not have like a medical prescription for it which would only really be the case with epilepsy but you may have tried it and have found great benefit from it you dot constitutes a rationale the do it right if you try something and it works rate that is a rationale for doing it and in that case then i think you want i do think that there are unknowns to if you do it forever how long or you know are there downsides to that but but you know if you have the demonstrated rationale than you follow through and manage it properly okay what's your dialect like man my diet right now actually i'm i'm eating like the same thing every day so it's super easy to describe my time and fun but yeah so i have i have three or four meals usually three but if my schedule doesn't fit three i might break it up into four and those meals have one hundred fifty grams of mixed sprouted legumes there's kind of a rotation sometimes it's landell sometimes it's white beans sometimes the dookie beans kind of rotate through and i have one hundred grams of vegetables their the vegetables are just pre cooked and mixed there's all kinds of instability that might be in that mix and it rotates all the time just the mic just different colorful vegetables usually fairly low calorie and fifty grams of tomato sauce or salsa and some spices and right now doing rams of remainder saucer celso you measuring that out.

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