Winston Dibble, Russia, Schuyler Thompson discussed on CFB: Navy at Notre Dame


Field thompson comes up to the line perhaps changing the poise winston dibble is in the back feel to his luck to receivers into it there's the step four man rushed to keep put topseed rolling do is lucky won't get far as he's taken down at the nineteen yard line by jordan braille fertile one yard game third world food really gotten better throughout the course of the season especially against the run used primarily just a pass rusher a speed rusher with several times here today we've already seen him in gauging shedding the block making nice play on the far side eight russia's eighty seven yards and a touchdown for the richard freshman quarterback schuyler thompson did his second career start second down nine line two receivers each way thomson it up to the line on his live and look at around as he changes the play potential it here's the staff todd say the backfield a loss while we wedding a timeout before that because we did it's a delay of game everybody stopped after thompson got hit lost the ball goyal game offense viagra donnelly second seed him try to change being are we saw last week to took a lot of time off a thirty on a 24hour cycle clock fresh you've gotta understand where the play cox at how much time you have and on the road and with the offense not putting up huge plays are big numbers you don't want to get behind the chain so costly mistake ones that scoured it is gonna have to remedy and make sure that does not continue to app god yard penalty will mark get back to a second phase fee live about the fourteam yard line the left side the left fifty yards of the field shade right now while cats of 21 thirteen elite 709 the first to barons still water free receivers right onto the short left side showing pressure here comes the extra beds it affect tries to step up nearly got out of the grasp what is taken down like gin behind the sticks for a loss of one at the thirteen yard line like either smith the richard junior was the first day of their trade not myth the.

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