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Sky Mike standing by my paddle ball game. Brooke. Jimmy, You know what? I'm going to read? Work? Email. That's how slow it is for now. Oh, I do have something. Here we go. I 45 North Freeway Shepherd. You know what that's in the left lane. It's a stall. Everybody's fine, but I want you to be super careful coming down from West Mountain, Houston, because you make that curve And if you're not looking, you could just run right into it. So again. It's my fault. What are okay, There it is. I 45 southbound before North Shepherd. And that is the left line. For now, we're easy 26 minutes from the woodlands into downtown. I'm sky Mike from the Gulf Coast windows dot com. 24 hour traffic center from our ktrh Top tax defenders 24 Our weather Center Today we're looking at lots of sunshine about 92 mostly sunny, early, scattered thunderstorm chance later in the day 93 tomorrow and then some and clouds mixed with a big change high only about 81 degrees on Wednesday. Right now. 75 your officials. Severe weather station NewsRadio, 7 40 ktrh done to get you caught up in the top Monday stories here's share. Uh It's now 5 22 on NewsRadio. 7 40 ktrh Headlines sponsored by ABILITY trees A third special session of the Texas Legislature gets underway today. Dow futures are falling more than 500 points overnight. Analysts blaming the troubled Chinese property market. New polling from the Dallas Morning News. Consider the source and the University of Texas at Tyler. It shows that actor Matthew McConaughey leads governor Abbott in a hypothetical matchup for governor. More on these stories right now at ktrh dot com. Our next news update will be at the bottom of the hour. Right now, Jimmy and share are working harder than your A C and the Houston Heat coming up at 11 cool off with us, The all new Clay Travis and Buck Sexton show.

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