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Please welcome to the podcast the newly-appointed bachelor in paradise bartender who will now be taking all the drama next season wells adams welcome to the show. I have a question for you. You actually like chris. Harrison do seems like a dish. No he's <hes> so he's he's pretty standoffish at first and i understand why like the turnover in that world is so rapid like getting close to anyone is just probably a detriment attachment to just business and personal relationships yeah and so this is the third season as the bartender. It is yeah so so they really oh. I haven't watched i know what is the best i know but i had a bad experience with paradise many years ago. Oh and i just never gone back like did you try to where i i tried to get on. No it was when i i went for a press junket and i had to fly fly all night and i went wherever they were filling it and then like i dragged my suitcase across the thing and then all we all had there was nowhere to shower. There's no reason that i flew out and then i got really bad <music> poisoning food poisoning and i've never been able to stomach bachelor in paradise since but should i get back into it is it's the best out of the better than hannah beast eighty s. She's so good. She says oh god i'm you. Were there obviously so you know but from. I'm a big spoiler personnel so i know everything because even more juicy when you kinda know before but it seems like it's getting crazy so highly the bachelor and everything about it. I don't hate it. I just can't can't get into it. That's surprising you are in the minority and we'll take an idiot surprising like i feel like a lot most people this everyone is the demo i now basic bitch yup but like the thing like so because this is my third year doing winging like last year we got close and then like this year we like played golf every day that we didn't have film and stuff and also like you not not being a contestant is different. They're not trying to get anything out of him. So what was it you were doing because every bachelor world launched you into fame. But what were you doing pre pre bachelor so i've had a radio show since i was sixteen crazy and so then i went to college for it i know when i graduated from college and and i was like well. Where do you go do radio. Let's go to the place that they make music so i went and worked in nashville alcohol and then i worked for like this tiny little indie radio station super dope <hes> called lightning eighteen hundred for like seven years went from like overnight like board op nothing guy i worked my way up into <hes> having the morning show and that was like really really popular show and <hes> fulfilling and i like you say like bashar like thrusts me into dame or whatever <hes> <hes> but like i was pretty well known in nashville wrong for that and then iheart came calling asked they have more money to offer me so then i went over there and then they're you know it's it's corporate radio so like they're like a squeeze out every last piece of juice lemon so i did. I would go in and i would do a morning. Show for the station out. I would go take like meetings with like record label wraps and then i would go do afternoons at the classic rock station and then i would do nights at the pop station so i'd be like they're all. Do i like your hustle yeah. It was like twenty five year old wells yes able to do it but like. I don't think i could do it anymore. Like no uh-huh sleep so then like a year and a half into like me doing that. The iheart gig is when like it used to do you this bit on my radio show where i would go audition for shows or not a show for commercials and i'm not an actor so like my intern like my co host..

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