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Hi correspondent Stephen McDonell just a short time ago at the Hong Kong apple within a few minutes we will get a pro Beijing view from a man who advised China on Hong Kong affairs before the territory became China's once more in nineteen ninety seven let's take a look now though criticism of the Hong Kong police during the ten week largely weekend demonstrations human rights groups have been critical of the police and the authorities in their handling of the protests highlighting the use of tear gas in confined spaces unlimited access to lawyers as we've just been hearing from our correspondent joining me on the line from Hong Kong is Tom mon K. director of Amnesty International in Hong Kong what's your biggest concern we understand there are now some seven hundred people who've been arrested since these protests began well I think first of all our biggest concern is about the excessive use of force by the police against the protesters and also there are a whole lot of people being arrested last night and they did that and still have the access full Lollius and we are concerned about whether they have the say a trial and also went out during the tension right now if there is any possibility of being culture what when you say that they have not been given access to lawyers are you suggesting that that's not been the case were told that there is a delay in access legal advice I think it is rare that full many being arrested yesterday last night they were they were moved to a detention center at the boulder all all home territory at the not in the know and and and the and the lawyers will Oscar to wait and wait the full of the authorities told them where they were at it actually how long the timing for the rest to have access to a lawyer are you concerned when you talk about that being held in a detention center on the border of Hong Kong terror tree are you concerned that there is the potential for violation of of one country two systems well I think perhaps it is this is a tactic for the police to avoid being taste all by chase after by the protesters because in the last week when way right where at whenever there was a arrested who has since being arrested and detained in police station either as this will would chase after that and SO Rhonda back police station and by moving that the sentencing these engines Santa knowledge will verify they eight could possibly limits at their edible has this access to them but it also meant that the lawyers access Tom mine K. director of Amnesty International joining us live from Hong Kong thanks very much well before we came on and I spoke to a man who is very familiar with the thinking inside Beijing when it comes to Hong Kong professor Laos you chi is the vice president of the Chinese association of Hong Kong and Macau studies he was trying his adviser on Hong Kong affairs in the run up to the handover I suggested to him that this represented a profoundly serious political crisis for president xi your right but it but a certain time agency status tools here is in the center charter school send a PO it'll home couple records would approach a woman to sign those two feels that Hong Kong government and own forty template situation under control and we could look at the cost the speakers in Hong Kong I would expect the other qualities to subside Greta and other tensions still there and sexual shoulder in the last twenty years I'm sorry to interrupt you professor but the Chinese authorities don't have to send the P. LA into Hong Kong there is a garrison all of the P. LA already in Hong Kong and they all being trained to operate as an extension of the Hong Kong police they all being trained in and see it rising techniques and so on thanks for the case but when we see it at the time that we shouldn't be already we beat that that the if the person on company come out there and temperature and also being on call well I didn't use that that would not be you to do anything about to these folks do you don't think that the rhetoric coming I'll solve Chinas Hong Kong and Macau affairs office is not helping the situation we had a statement from Mr Jiang's y'all meeting last week in which he encouraged those residents of Hong Kong who all pro government to have no fears and stand up some people interpreted that as Beijing encouraging a counter protest movement pitting Hong Kong residents against one another not complete what don't open the sinister the people who will control support one country two systems so it just seemed bold allowed in to support the police to maintain order and I don't think the judge will be telling the Hong Kong people but those who stop agent could come forward in fact DC protested beat up but that is not used in touch but when you talk about appealing to those people who all patriotic Hong Kong residents who are protesting woods protest against that they would all do that they all patriotic they would argue that they won't the one country two systems to be in place and they all saying that that is on the threats currently is present yep the permanently talking longer I am I am you from Beijing point of view what he's talking about you step to people who support trying to use you took should one country two systems are open twenty people at all because some people have a different ideas if you as to what the twenty companies but what we're take up all you said Nick different words in a school about what is what bands by one country two systems how damaging do you think these process all to the reputation of Hong Kong as a financial center well there which was if you intend to ongoing **** in connection with the patient on call SO is too so there's a pretty I thought an altar but I still think that Hong Kong can so why with this car are you like a strong belief in the hall going people's rationality and thirty something to bring home going back into the normal situation what is it that gives you that optimism because today the airport has been closed the protesters all still amassing at the airport it does feel as though there is a possibility that wears a tipping point Tayeh I would say that the whole going people still don't have that kind of foot common sense a rest in ninety two playing situation back to normality do you think that the Beijing authorities have handled this in the best way possible do you accept that the rhetoric coming out solve the Hong Kong and Macau all face has been useful well I would say that the but we are you situation where it will be solved the difference is between Beijing although a couple men and the protesters argue possible what we're seeing now you situation quicker I think the little one can be click the stable all up that'll so at the end of the day according to poss experience we are going to see tension still there but the moon will be in a situation where even pull their stocks to tensions the dispatcher based on their sister Pete Europe to go out and then the whole Gulf and still maintain a sort of decreased ability in order to function effectively and it's your view the Beijing is still completely committed to the one country two systems that exists under the joint declaration that that's true and I've been to the tons of free so you need a loss couple weeks did convicted you want control coaches CNT fifty good for China is football on call and don't forget to anyone you in Beijing has told the director you bundle with all these troubling uncle one country two systems use a favorite do you see the fifth of some kind of problem with being de implementation wonderful piece of which cannot be a white super defected that to some people in all gold who be struck for pre K. and that the city Sir Paul gross to be resolved between the one country two systems rather than opponents one going to fix it in order to handle back and talk about it house professor Laos you kai who is vice president of the Chinese association of Hong Kong and Macau studies but not on this story on our website including if you have very little time explaining the protests in three hundred words there's lots of much more in depth of background information BBC dot com for.

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